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  • 5 live group healing and coaching sessions on working with the energies of Water, Wood/Air, Fire, Earth and Metal
  • 5 MP3 of Five Elements high frequency infused meditations and downloads
  • A PDF file of supporting materials to the coaching classes
  • A Bonus with 2 items (Yin and Yang complete balancing in the Temples of Rejuvenation, high frequency guided balancing)
  • A coaching and healing session on how to balance all Five Elements in your body at the same time for optimal physical and emotional health for you
  • Creating a “Complete balance of the Five Elements movement” in the body in a guided process of high frequency downloads

Total Value $ 2748

Introductory Offer $ 199

Item 1: Releasing deep blocks, balancing and creating with the Water Element. 1,5 hours. Value $ 297

The session will include 1 hour of group healing and coaching and 30 minutes of Q&A.

The healing and coaching session will help you

  • Activate our receptors to connect to the energy field of the Five Elements
  • Release deep DNA ancestral as well as surface blocks in own Water element energies connected to fears, procrastination, lack of Will to start something new in your life
  • Rebalance your Kidney and Urinary Bladder energies
  • Rebalance energies connected with your career, learning, and personal development
  • Protect your personal energies with the Water Element symbols (pearl, shell and a pyramid)
  • The daily situations the Water element energies will work best for
  • Heal yourself and others

As a result the following physical, emotional and mental blocks, and life difficulties connected with the Water element imbalances might be healed or improved:

  • physical conditions: kidney and bladder issues conditions (acute cystitis, nervous bladder), low energy, high or low blood pressure, signs of fast aging, infertility, menstrual problems, post-menopausal syndrome, impotence, musculoskeletal pain (neck, upper, middle and low back, knees, tennis elbow),
  • osteo-arthritis, hearing issues (low pitch tinnitus, reduced hearing), occiput headaches, oedema connected to poor kidney elimination function
  • emotions: fear of darkness, water, confined or open spaces, insects, disease, death, aggression, losing an opportunity, suspicion
  • mental blocks: inability (lack of will) to start a new trend in your life
  • life situations: difficulties with finding yourself a new career, occupation, acquiring and storing knowledge, personal development and growth

No more doctors, off medication for 2 years after kidney failure!

I am 70. Long time ago I had an operation and one of my kidneys was removed, the other one was barely functioning. After a few sessions in healing and balancing with the Five Elements, I feel much better. For the two years to this day I have been off my medications! I have not seen a doctor even since! Previously I was always trying to rest and now I have incredible energy, I even cut down three huge old trees in my yard! My neighbours were astonished! After such results I took a basic course in the “5 Elements Rejuvenation System©” and now I can help myself and others.

Elizaveta, Russia

Chronic high blood pressure normalized next day

 I participated in a group healing session with Inna out of curiosity and because I was suffering from a high blood pressure. Every day when I went to work it was at least 180/100 or higher. I felt tired, and my face was always red. During a 30 min session the pictures of me sitting beside the water creek came to my mind, and immediately after the session I felt different, calmer and more aware. To my surprise my blood pressure normalized and my energy level doubled. I kept checking my blood pressure for the whole month, it was still normal. Thank you, Inna.

            Tatiana, Russia

Item 2. Releasing deep blocks, balancing and creating with the Wood/Air Element

The session will include 1 hour of healing and coaching and 30 minutes of O&A.

The healing and coaching session will help you

  • Release blocks regarding resentments, frustrations and anger to your partner or spouse, friends, children, parents, “enemies”, abundance and to life in general
  • Rebalance Liver and Gall Bladder energies
  • Rebalance your sexual energy
  • Expand your creative expression on this earth
  • To be aware of and use the energetic qualities of the Wood element in your daily life
  • Heal yourself and others

As a result of the coaching and healing session the following physical, emotional and mental blocks, and life difficulties connected with the Wood element imbalances might be healed or improved:

  • physical conditions: liver and gall bladder issues, a variety of blood issues, e.g. excessive bleeding, dysmenorrhea, muscles, tendons and sinews tension or weakness, eye issues, vertex or side headaches, migraines, pain on the sides of the body, hip and leg pain, joints, arthritis, disorders of the eyes (short-sightedness, long-sightedness, conjunctivitis), brittle nails, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, peri-menopausal syndromes (hot flushes, night sweating, restless sleep, high pitch tinnitus, dizziness, exhaustion)
  • emotions: frustration, resentment, aggression, anger, stress
  • mental blocks: what is stopping your creative expression, inactivity
  • life situations: issues connected with health and abundance



Gall Bladder pain never came back by releasing resentment to my daughter”

“I have been suffering from frequent recurring Gall Bladder pains for many years. The pain can happen any time, and I have to take powerful drugs to subside it. During the coaching session with Inna I learned that the Wood element disharmony (resentment to my daughter) can be the reason for my Gall bladder pains. Last time I had pain I connected to the consciousness of the Wood element and resolved it by releasing my resentment.  Within 15 minutes the pain subsided completely. It has been a year and it did not come back since. It is such a relief.

                                                                  Galina, Russia

“People started seeing me in a different light!”

Harmonizing my name and clearing unbalanced frustrations and resentments from my subconscious was such an amazing process and the results are astonishing! During the process I felt buzzing everywhere in my body, and felt warm. After balancing I felt lighter, as if the burden I was carrying all my life lifted.  To my astonishment I realized that already the next day people started perceiving me differently. I was amazed that even “difficult” people at work responded to my requests with a smile. I noticed big changes in my communication with people, I became more confident and assertive!  Everyone at work noticed a big change in me. Thank you, Inna.

Alexandre, Russia

Item 3. Releasing deep blocks, balancing and creating with the Fire Element. 1,5 hours. Value $ 297

The healing and coaching session will help you

  • Release anxiety and depression
  • Release the energy of hatred from your life and rebalance ego
  • Rebalance your Heart and Small Intestine energies, revitalize your blood circulation
  • Create more positive manifestations in your life by activating the energy of “Joy”
  • Create a “Success Energy Template” to fast track you to manifesting your desires in career, business, relationships, etc.
  • To be aware of and use the energetic qualities of the Fire element in your daily life whenever you need “fast action”

 As a result of the coaching and healing session the following physical, emotional and mental blocks, and life difficulties connected with the Fire element imbalances might be healed or improved:

  • physical conditions: insomnia, poor memory, concentration, excessive heat in the whole body, and sweating, blood vessel problems, tachycardia, hyperactivity in children, stammering, stomatitis, Crohn’s disease (small intestine problem), hyper or hypotension
  • emotional issues: anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, lack of joy, insomnia
  • mental blocks of not allowing joy and fun into your life, being afraid to be the best for yourself
  • life situations: reputation, success, achievements


I used the 5 Elements Rejuvenation system© to manifest quick success, boost confidence and enhance knowledge”

 I am quite young and was always keen to advance quickly through my career. I was often faced with situations which required extra confidence and more knowledge: giving presentations, proposing corporate changes, standing up in front of a room full of older people (usually men) and needing to be respected and heard. I used the Fire element energies to be on the wave, to manifest success, boost confidence and deepen my knowledge in subjects that were new for me, like manufacturing and engineering. It is absolutely incredible that healing and balancing  can lead to an expert presentation, an understanding of construction and even a promotion. Inna’s coaching is amazing. Thank you!

 A.C., United Kingdom

My child’s OCD and anxiety has improved

 Thank you, Inna, for helping myself and kids when situations in our lives were difficult.  Releasing and clearing emotional issues, balancing have helped us be lighter and happier moving forward.  Specifically with my child’s OCD and anxiety it has improved.  You are an amazing intuitive gifted healer with diverse skills, and would recommend anyone with physical, mental or emotion challenges to come for your transformative healings.

Sandy, Canada 


“I learned how to realize my wishes with the Water –Fire Element energies”

 During the coaching session when we worked with the water element I learned how to connect to the consciousness of the Water element in order to realize my dream. During the workshop we were creating an amazing “Success template”, which I called “a clear crystal” because when I tasted the water I was charging this image came to my mind. I loved the taste of this water. Strangely, in class everyone’s water tasted different and when we tried the water from each other’s glasses the taste corresponded the name people were giving it. Inna said that the name was the shortcut to the passcode to our “Success template”. It was wow! The next day I started using my template and the results are amazing. I started realizing my dream, attracting work, and positive situations into my life. It is so easy and so powerful! Thank you Inna!

                                                                        Patty, Canada   


Item 4. Releasing deep blocks, balancing and creating with the Earth Element. 1,5 hours. Value $ 297

The healing and coaching session will help you

  • Clear emotional blocks in the Earth energies of your body (worry, stress, drama or trauma) through the ritual of “Separation with your Monster.”
  • Release blocks around “self-love”
  • Rebalance your digestive system (Spleen, Stomach) and regulate your blood PH
  • Rebalance your Earth Element energies (Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine, bad and good, Heart and Mind, giving and receiving, loving and being loved)
  • Heal your name, your home, your city , your country and your Earth energies with the energy of Gratitude
  • Learn to get answers from the Earth element consciousness for clarity in every day issues
  • To be aware of and use the energetic qualities of the Earth element in your daily life

As a result of the coaching and healing session the following physical, emotional and mental blocks, and life difficulties connected with the Wood element imbalances might be healed or improved:

  • physical conditions: a whole variety of digestion problems (gastritis, gastric ulcers, abdominal pain, bloating, gas), muscle pains, chronic fatigue, diabetes mellitus, over and under eating, oedema, connected to spleen poor circulation, varicose veins, appetite and hunger problems, lactation problems, mastitis
  • emotional issues: too much drama, worry, self-love
  • mental blocks: Intention not clear, no focus, can’t bring peace to my mind
  • to heal life situations: love, a soul mate, romanticism


 “Chronic fatigue syndrome improved immediately, anxiety gone after 30 min treatment”

 My main intention was to be feeling better from the effects of a chronic illness dating back to 2001, manifesting with chronic fatigue syndrome and some muscle and joint pain.  Low energy, poor endurance and some cognitive problems greatly challenge me.  I am a nurse and I was giving a lot of care to people during my career. When Inna balanced the Earth element energy in me (giving and receiving) I felt immediate relief.  I have felt different about things since. It was very effective and I felt such happiness during the hours afterwards. I also experienced peace and relaxation at the end of our session.  Freedom from fear and no anxiety.

 Immediately after the session I felt stronger than when I arrived.  I felt happy and lighter. I had enough energy to do an errand on the way home.  Of note was a release from fear.  I was able to drive up the steep hills near your home.  Usually I avoid them as I feel too much anxiety going up steep inclines. The next day I felt strong enough to work with the documents.

 In conclusion, the healing session was so gentle that one wouldn’t really expect much of it. However, the work was done at a deep level and the effects are dramatic.  I am very grateful and would gladly return for another. This technique is mysterious but it can change your life!

 Darlene, Canada

 “After one session I felt more feminine, attracted a nice boy-friend”

I came for a session of 5 Elements Rejuvenation because my boyfriend left me and I had a lot of anger, I also felt that I am not very feminine. During the session, I had goosebumps all over my body and my head became heavy. By the end of the session the heaviness lifted and on the contrary I started feeling light. That night I had a dream that a young handsome man is kissing me. The next day I looked up the meaning of my dream and realized that my masculine side was balanced with my feminine side. It was true because I noticed that I started feeling and looking more feminine, and soon I started dating a nice boyfriend. Unbelievable, one session changed me.

                                                                                                            Dasha, Russia


Item 5. Releasing deep blocks, balancing and creating with the Metal Element. 1,5 hours. Value $ 297

The healing and coaching session will help you to

  • Clear deep blocks connected to grief, sadness, loss or failure through the Five Elements breathing and rebalancing downloads
  • Rebalance the energies of the Metal element – Lungs and Large Intestine
  • Reconnect your DNA with Fun experiences in your life, turn what is difficult and stressful into easy and fun
  • Learn to bridge the finishing and the beginning cycles in your life
  • To be aware of and use the energetic qualities of the Metal element in your daily life

As a result of the coaching and healing session the following physical, emotional and mental blocks, and life difficulties connected with the Metal element imbalances might be healed or improved:

  • physical conditions: lung problems, and large intestine problems, skin problems (acne, dermatitis), frequent colds, hay fever, chronic allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma
  • to heal emotional issues: sadness, grief, smoking
  • mental blocks: inability to focus, hard to finish what you started, too much control
  • to heal life situations connected to children, helpers in business and life, friends


 “My computer skills have improved after 1 session – I let go of stress at work”

I received healing from Inna regarding challenging times with computer technology – especially related to my job. After the healing, there was a notable and very welcome difference in my ability to navigate the computer systems necessary for my work, along with increased coping abilities, with the never ending changes that accompany computer technology.  This allowed me to achieve more confident success, with less distress with work related projects.  Thank you Inna

Rita, Canada

 “Long-term severe allergy improved after 2 sessions”

I have been having allergies since I was a student, and I am in my late sixties right now. Sharp smells, certain foods, some pollutants in the air can activate it, you name it. For many years I have been turning to a lot of doctors, taking all kinds of antihistamine medicine and nothing has helped so far. I turned to Inna for 5 Elements balancing and releasing deep blocks. When she was releasing blocks I experienced tingling in my fingers and my head was very heavy. All of a sudden I started breathing deeply and it was much easier to breath. To tell you the truth I forgot what it felt like to be able to breathe deeply, so the change was so welcome and so good! I went to bed immediately after the healing and the next day I stayed in bed and slept for the whole day. After the second session I felt elated and very light, I even danced and sang. All my allergy symptoms have reduced by half. I do not feel itchiness in my throat and nose, I sneeze less frequently and I breathe deeper. I bought more sessions as I want my allergy cleared completely. I also started reading Inna’s book and can’t put it away. I would like to continue rebalancing my body, my emotions and my life. It is so easy and the method works!    

                                                                                                Svetlana, Russia



“Suppressed grief for my son lifted after one session”

 I would like to thank Inna for helping me lift a suppressed feeling of deep grief for my son. My only son died young many years ago. He had diabetes I, was completely blind and was on dialysis every other day. For many years a very heavy dark feeling of grief poured over me the first thing in the morning. I could feel heavy and desolate for weeks on end. I decided to have a session with Inna during which she worked on balancing the Metal element in my body. During the healing I felt a powerful wave of energy in my head, as if a heavy and dark cloud was lifting. I had an immediate relief. The next day I woke up and felt the energy of the “sun”, light and bright. I have not felt like this for years. It has been a month already that the heavy dark feeling has not returned. I am sure I got rid of a very low energy of grief forever. I remember my son and love him very much, but now I can sleep peacefully and wake up feeling positive and full of life. Thank you so much, Inna, for helping me release grief!

Irina, Russia 

Items 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are 5 MP3s of recorded high frequency balancing meditations and downloads for each element, Total value - $ 245

Each of 5 recorded MP3s contains a high frequency in-built energy template for balancing all the aspects of the Five Elements: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sound, number, taste, smell, colour, and temperature.

Item 6: Water Meditation. Length – 11 min. Value – $49

  • Cleanses of your Kidneys and Bladder of stale energies
  • Lifts fears about starting something new in your life
  • Gives a powerful boost to your vital life energy
  • Clears ancestral blocks

Item 7: Wood Meditation. Length – 8,5 min. Value – $49

  • Immediately releases anger and frustrations
  • Provides Liver and Gall Bladder energies detox
  • Boosts sexual energy
  • Cleanses blood

Item 8: Fire Meditation. Length – 6 min. Value – $49

  • Supports the energy of Heart and Small Intestine
  • Unleashes the energy of success in the body
  • Transforms immediately old limiting patterns and creates positive energy patterns
  • Releases anxiety and depression

Item 9: Earth Meditation. Length – 7 min. Value – $49

  • Harmonizes digestion
  • Supports the energies of Stomach and Spleen
  • Regulates sugar levels in blood
  • Releases stress and drama
  • Attracts positive changes in relationships

Item 10: Metal Meditation. Length – 10 min. Value – $49

  • Releases grief and sadness
  • Supports Lungs and Large Intestine energies
  • Focuses the Mind for successful manifestations
  • Grounds and settles your body energies


 “The Five Elements high frequency meditations heal, balance and connect you to the powerful consciousness”

The Five Elements meditations are so powerful, they not only cleared some of my issues, but also expanded my perception of the nature, improved my diet, life style and created positive changes in my work. The energy that is infused in them is loving, balancing and healing. You feel connected to the powerful consciousness around you. You want to listen to them every day. Every time you listen you feel stronger, more aligned with your life and more peaceful. Inna is so amazing at being able to bring out the best of the Chinese medicine philosophy and allow the Dao (Way) to stream the 5 Elements of nature to help you by just bringing your awareness to their beautiful energies inside and around you.

                                                                                                                        A.C., UK


Items 11. PDF file “Energy properties of the Five Elements”. Value - $49

A handout with the teaching materials. Includes the Activation of Receptors Meditation in order to work in the quantum Field of Love; the Water, Wood/Air, Fire, Earth and Metal Elements meditations, and the detailed information on the aspects of the Five Elements.   

BONUS. Items 12 and 13 Complete Yin and Yang energies rebalancing

  1. Length – 16 min. Value – $99

An MP3 of the energy detox and relaxation session in the THE REJUVENATION TEMPLE OF THE MOON- rebalancing and strengthening the YIN energies of the body

 Benefits: promotes good sleep, clears and rebalances all the Yin energies of the body at the same time, provided relaxation, aligns the body with the night time, stores the energy and cleanses blood, a deep healing and rejuvenation experience on the cellular level. You will feel refreshed. Immediate release of discomfort in the Yin energies of the body (kidney, liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and meridians).

  1. Length – 16 min. Value – $99

An MP3 of the powerful energy boost session in the THE REJUVENATION TEMPLE OF THE SUN – Activating the YANG energies of the body

 Benefits: boosts the Yang energies of the body, gets you ready for the day or any activity, supports your strength, takes you to your success, energizes and manifests desires, immediate release of discomfort in the Yang energies of the body (urinary bladder, gall bladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine and meridians). 



 “Severe symptoms reduced from 8 to 2 within minutes in the Temples of Rejuvenation” 

“I had extreme heaviness and aches/pains in my body for the whole week. The symptoms were severe. Immediately after a15 min journey to the “Temples of Rejuvenation” almost all symptoms subsided from a level of 8 (out of 10) to about a 2. I know the healing Inna did will continue to release the rest shortly. Her work is powerful! Thank you for 5 elements rejuvenation and the amazing work you do.”

Annett, Canada

“My experience in the Temple of Rejuvenation of the Sun”… There are not enough words to describe it! JUST DO IT!”

                                                Gabriella, Denmark      


Item 14. A coaching and healing session on how to balance all Five Elements in your body at the same time for optimal physical and emotional health for you

Length – 1 hour 30 min. Value- $297

The session will include 1 hour of coaching and healing and 30 minutes of Q&A

The coaching and healing session will include

  • Identifying weak elements in the body and disharmony in the interaction between the elements by remote viewing
  • Rebalancing the Five elements at the same time
  • Releasing stubborn blocks by using the Spiral of Time technique
  • Deep cellular rejuvenation with the “Five Elements Rejuvenation protocol©”


You will experience deep healing and will learn how to achieve optimal physical health and emotional balance for yourself and others


I was surprised by the simplicity, yet deep spiritual logic of the 5 Elements Rejuvenation System©. I have previously tried other systems, but they were complex and took many years to master. The techniques (the Five Elements remote viewing and restoring balance, the Spiral of Time, The Basic protocol) are so powerful and effective. In just three days, many areas of my life improved: health, emotions and career. We have been working on securing a contract for more than a year and during the course, it all came together and we closed it. Unbelievable! It is real. I observed other course participants experience similar transformations in just three days.

C., Russia

Item 15. Creating a “Complete balance of the Five Elements movement” in the body in a guided process of high frequency downloads

Creates a balanced movement of all Five Elements in your body and energetically aligns it to your environment for better health and more harmonious life experiences

Items 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. 5 BONUSES IN 1 FIVE ELEMENTS RECIPE BOOK

Bonus 1- MP3, Length – 12 min. Value – $79


An MP3 with high frequency Water element downloads in a guided process to help you feel and look beautiful, irresistible, positively glowing from within.

If you have an important day in your life and would like to look and feel your best, here are the high frequencies to accompany you on that day, get compliments, feel confident and enjoy yourself.

Simply, head to your bathroom and grab a pot of regular cream, it doesn’t have to be anything special…

Let’s now load it up with beauty…

 Bonus 2- MP3, Length – 16,5 min. Value – $79

Create your “DANCE TO GOAL ROUTINE” with the Wood/Air element

An MP3 with the Wood element guided movement manifestation to ensure that the high frequency start-up energies for any goal in your life are in place.

Getting to your goal will be that much easier if we attach real moves to it. By recreating smooth movements towards your goal in a particular pattern you will align your mind with getting there. This is now your individual routine that carries goal achieving frequencies…

Bonus 3- MP3, Length – 10 min. Value – $79


An MP3 with the high frequency Fire Element downloads to help support your manifestation, especially when you need it quickly. Think of it as a little trick for when you need things to go extra well (exam, job interview, marriage proposal).

By loading up a few bars of your favorite music with high frequency fire energies we will create a sound support system for your manifestation.

Bonus 4- MP3, Length – 12 min. Value – $79


Turn your ordinary morning tea or coffee into a powerful energy boost. We will learn how to download a day worth of energy positivity and productivity into your drink using the energies of the Earth element. You will surely notice the difference in your day in the office, at home with your children or running errands.

Bonus 5- MP3, Length – 7 min. Value – $79

“DOODLE OUT YOUR PAIN AND STRESS” with the Metal element

May be your heard about mindful coloring. I will take you through a process of mindful doodling on a piece of paper which is a powerful process of releasing your pain, stress and grief using the high frequencies of the Metal element.

After the payment please, click on the program image, click on the message “start course”, and there will be a list of the modules with a brief description. After clicking on the individual module, there is the download link for the mp3