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Package B – Two Day package – stay on for an additional full day of treatments. This is where we will be going into your body to deeply treat your muscles, joints, detoxify and nourish your skin, restore your hair and strengthen your bones.

  • 3 MP3s of energy SPA of healing microsystems
  • 3 coaching and group healing sessions
  • 1 PDF file
  • 2 Bonus MP3s
  • 4 MP3s of energy SPA of healing the whole body
  • 3 coaching and group healing sessions
  • 1 Bonus MP3
  • Closed Facebook group support and share
  • 2 remote group healings

In the two-day experience, you will get all of day 1 treatments, as well as: 4 MP3s + 3 Coaching sessions + 1 bonus MP3 + Closed Facebook share and and support (includes 2 remote group healings)


Value: $199

Format: MP3

Duration: 21 mins

This MP3 contains the powerful process of an energy facial, filled with the highest rejuvenating frequencies of the following colour spectrum: blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange and silver.

Based on the wisdom of Chinese medicine, these particular colour frequencies are energetically applied to specific areas of the face to achieve the best results for complete skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and face lift. Because your face is one of the most important microsystems of the body, reflecting the energies of all of your organs and energy pathways, you will also notice improvements in your health and your emotional wellbeing.

An energy facial resolved pain in my ovary completely!

I called Inna because I had an intense pain in my right ovary for the whole day. I couldn’t even touch it because the area seemed so inflamed. It was so bad that I scheduled an emergency medical the following dayI couldn’t sleep and I was scared. I called Inna and told her what happened and she told me that I need an energy facial. I couldn’t believe it as I thought that it was not for what I needed help for. However, Inna helped me before, so I trusted. She told me to close my eyes and relax. Immediately I could feel a gentle energy field working on my face, leading me through a variety of colours and sensations. I was so relaxed that I dosed off for the whole time of healing. When I woke up, Inna finished her healing. I could still feel the Field was working on my face and the best thing was that pain was almost gone.

The next day when I went to the medical, my ultrasound, pap smear, and all the other tests were completely normal. The doctor could not even find any discomfort by palpation and told me that it was really weird that my pain went away so fast… From now on I will always say “Yes” to Inna’s miraculous facial!

~ Alisa, UK

Not only wrinkles on my both cheeks are gone, my energy levels improved

When I started listening to the process, I felt warmth and a flow of energy on my face. I could really feel how each colour works, especially I loved the green colour energy supplemented with the mint scent. My face was all tingly and felt refreshed. When I worked with the yellow colour, I could feel my muscles lifting. And I absolutely loved the connection with the rainbow goddess, Iris, and I could feel her energies working on me as well.

My problem areas were wrinkles in the middle of both cheeks. It is a miracle- they are gone now after 10 days of listening to the process.

This process also changed my energy level for the better. I sleep less and feel more rested when I wake up. I can do things more during the day, even though previously it took me a while to “shake off” the winter tiredness.

There were changes in my life. People who were not necessary for my wellbeing but just upset me left from my life for good!

One day when I was meditating my husband got interested and joined me for the process. He also started waking up early and feels more energetic during the day. But what really astonished us was that he got his libido back (and he is already 81)!

I am so grateful, Inna, I am so motivated to continue working on other meditations!

~ Irina, Russia

Absolutely loved it: I feel young, the skin feels tight and I have a youthful look to me

I received one of Inna’s amazing facial treatments and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

I have two small children, so taking care of my face on a regular basis is a challenging task. So I did feel that my skin looked tired and dull sometimes in the past.

After having received her facial, I feel young, the skin feels tight and I have a youthful look to me. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures.

The process itself was absolutely lovely. We went through different stages and different colours and I felt, that every colour did something else and worked on a different level of rejuvenation. I could REALLY feel the effect and changes in the skin during the session, especially the tightening and lifting.

Also, the face scan and healing Inna did for me was very profound. It was straight to the point and it was related to an old issue I had in the past. Inna released it beautifully and in a matter of seconds.

I would love to have more of this and can already see myself becoming addicted to the
energetic facelift MP3.

I totally recommend this process to anyone that has time or no time to take care of their face (and/ or body) as this is a beautiful, gentle and very effective approach.

If you already have a face care regime and add this procedure, you will NOT regret it.

I also love the way Inna approaches the issues and gentle but directly guides you to a concern or issue you have. The healing she provide is guided by love and compassion and I could really feel that she was very concerned about me and helping me.

Inna is a wonderful healer that can help you on so many levels.

If you want changes in your life, Inna is the go-to-person.”

~ Claudia, Canada

My face started glowing from inside while digestion resolved and sleep improved

A couple of weeks before starting this process I had red pimples all over my chin, which also reflected the condition of my digestive system. I had been also suffering from chronic constipation for while. During the meditation I always fell asleep and when I woke up at the end I had a feeling of being completely rested. After the third day of listening, the pimples became worse, angrier. However, on the 5th day they were gone completely and the constipation resolved. I also noticed that the quality of my sleep improved. After day 7 my wife all of a sudden noticed that my face became much clearer, hydrated, but most importantly it started glowing from inside as if I spent a month by the seaside. I plan to use a course of treatments for several months because I can see how much this energy facial helped me on many levels. Thank you, Inna, for created a powerful energy process.

~ Alexander, Russia


Value: $199

Format: MP3

Duration: 15 mins

The unique energy templates of flower and herb essences combined with the energy of the sun are used in this process to improve the condition of your hands and nails.

Hands and nails are the microsystems of the body. Your fingers reflect the energies of your lungs, heart, small intestine and large intestine. Your nails reflect the energies of your liver and gall bladder. When you use this high frequency process on a regular basis, you may experience an improvement not only in the microsystems named above, but also release low vibrational stagnant emotions from your life: anger, frustrations, resentments, sadness, and other negative emotions. This process also rebalances blood circulation and reproductive functions.

It was like I was having a real spa! There are improvements in my nails, hands and overall well-being!

Yesterday was day 10 of listening to hands and nails mp3. As suggested I listened twice a day for 10 days. The main reason for applying to the testing was because of the critical condition of my nails that have been very brittle for several weeks.

Regarding my nails, the color has changed for healthier and they seem to be a little harder. I am motivated to keep listening to see more improvements.

Regarding the skin of the back of my hands, it looks great! I looks younger and much smoother. I still feel the skin in the palms dry but they look great.

In terms of overall well-being. I felt very relaxed and at peace after every time I listened… as if I was having a real spa!!! I could perfectly visualize the flowers, the water, etc. and it felt great. While listening I always yawned a lot and felt a lot of releasing… that happened during the 10 days of listening, I keep releasing more and more and yawning always! By the end of the mp3 I was feeling completely serene. Thank you, Inna

~ Sylvie, Portugal


Value: $199

Format: MP3

Duration: 15.5 mins

The unique energy templates of vitamin and mineral essences, combined with the energy of the highest colour vibrations of the five elements of nature are used in this process to improve the condition of your teeth and gums.

Being a microsystem of the body, your teeth and gums reflect the energies of your whole body. Applying specific colour vibrations to various teeth groups also heals respiratory, circulatory, digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems.

My teeth appear to be more pearly and my gums more healthy

My issues were teeth and gums. I had a root canal treatment about 35 years ago on my right upper front tooth after breaking it in half. The gum had started to recede in that specific area quite badly and the enamel on my tooth is eroding leaving the dentin exposed.

As a result, my teeth do appear to be more pearly and my gums more healthy since undertaking the ten days of testing the meditation, which I did at least twice a day. Now it is happening that the mermaids help spontaneously. My gum does appear to have grown back a little. I do know however that over time, I will be able to completely heal the gum with the support and energy of the five elements.

I absolutely loved the imagery presented in the meditation – mermaids, magic potions, coral reefs, and so much more – so evocative and beautiful! I know I didn’t need to, but couldn’t help myself and listened three times throughout the day.

The connection to the elements through sand, water, minerals, vitamins, colours, etc – awesome!

Using the meridian tooth chart to connect to the organs, glands, senses, etc. – very powerful and for me totally true.

I could feel the energy right away as it worked on my teeth and gums and every other part of my body; and it has continued throughout the night.

Thanks so much for this healing. You are doing a wonderful service, Inna.”

~ Desley, Australia

My teeth feel clean, smooth and polished, the molar nerve pain has subsided

Before I started using this process I have a lot of issues: periodontal issues, receding gums, a cracked molar, with nerve pain.

When I just started listening to the meditation, I went through a clearing process. However, it healed and now my teeth and gums feel good. 

Also, my teeth now feel clean, smooth, and polished. Surprisingly the molar nerve pain is barely noticeable now. Thanks a lot, Inna

~ Judy, UK

I feel changes at emotional level, my teeth have become stronger and my child teeth improved

I feel that there are changes at emotional level. I do not feel so frozen anymore, I think I have released some fear. It looks like some teeth have become stronger and more mineralized. I would like to continue to listen to this meditation.

I have played this meditation at home, while my child was listening passively. I noticed that that my child’s teeth have got stronger, they seemed kind of pale earlier. Thank you very much.

~ Kristiina, Estonia


Value: $297

Format: Coaching and group healing session 1 (Recording)

Duration: 1 hour 30 min

A coaching session on restoring the energies of the face through high frequency healing.

  • Information on your face as a microsystem of the body
  • Tutorial on how to use the Rainbow Frequencies Facial to heal specific parts of the face: step by step daily facial
  • Best frequencies to use for wrinkles reduction, face lift, hydration, acne, angry spots, dark circles, etc.
  • Healing emotions and physical issues through rebalancing the energies of internal organs, which are reflected on the face
  • Powerful group healing: deep energy facial


Value: $149

Format: PDF

Includes a document with a diagram that details the specific areas of the face and how they map back to the energies of the Five Elements and how they reflect the internal organs of the body. This is for use during the coaching call, as well as subsequent self-treatments at home.


Value: $297

Format: Coaching and group healing session 2 (Recording)

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

A coaching session on restoring your hands and nails through high frequency healing

  • Information on hands and nails as microsystems of the body
  • Tutorial on how to energetically create herbal and mineral essences for the deep healing of your hands and nails
  • Healing energy pathways and meridians of your Heart, Pericardium, Lungs, Large Intestine, Small Intestine and connective tissues
  • Clearing pathogenic Heat (anger, resentments, frustrations) through your hands from the whole body


Value: $297

Format: Coaching and Group healing session 3 (Recording)

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

A coaching session on restoring the health of your teeth and gums through high frequency healing

  • Information on teeth and gums as microsystems of the body
  • Tutorial on how to energetically create and use the vitamin and mineral essences, as well as colour and numerical frequencies for deep healing of your teeth and gums
  • Healing respiratory, circulatory, excretory, reproductive and digestive systems of the body


Value: $199

Format: MP3

Duration: 14.5 mins

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, practiced and China and across Asia, for a man, the energies from your birth to age 6 are reflected in your left ear, and the energies from age 7 to 13 in the right ear. For a woman, the energies from your birth to age 6 are reflected in your right ear, and the energies of the years from 7 to 13 in your left ear.

During this high frequency process the energies of your childhood are going to be rebalanced. As they are rebalanced, your hearing is going to be revitalised. The process is supported by the sound energy field of the Five Elements.

I Now Feel Safe to Hear All That’s Around Me!!!

While listening to Inna’s Improve your hearing by healing childhood energies MP3, I felt so much love…cocooned in loveI now feel safe to hear all that’s around me, and know I’m safe to tune out all I don’t want to hear! Thank You!

Dawn, Canada


Value: $199

Format: MP3

Duration: 15 mins

Your eyes reflect the state of all the organs. This meditation contains a high frequency energy process that heals the energies of your eyes, organs, viscera, and energy pathways through your multiple lifetimes and reincarnations, as well as improving your vision.

I “look” forward to restoring my eyes back to 20/20 vision

While listening to “Restore your best eyesight through Magic Mirror MP3”,

I could see how my eyes are connected to all of me, to all my organs. I could feel the energies in my bones. I “look” forward to restoring my eyes back to 20/20 vision

~ Mary, Canada


Value: $199

Format: MP3

Duration: 26 mins

Treat yourself to a spa-like rejuvenating energy massage in the Crystal Temple of Rejuvenation. In this process the highest colour frequencies of the Universe will the restore the energies of your muscles. The activation of the 5 Elements of Nature will trigger your cellular memory, which will lead you to a choice of one of 5 crystal healing rooms in which you will receive healing frequencies for your highest and best health.

Neck, shoulders and back massage is the best thing that happened to me to heal my emotions and health

Neck, Shoulders and back massage is the best thing that happened to me. I had lots of issues concerning my children. I had lots of sadness and hurt, I was completely exhausted emotionally and physically. I had no strength to even do my meditations. The massage helped me to shift the sadness I was holding onto…….Just the 1st day I felt a shift, I started feeling my body, I could tell I somehow left my body due to so many challenges I was going through and it felt good to be back in my body. After 10 days of using the massage Mp3 I am now myself, most of the stiffness is gone. I am back to my old routines doing meditations and not completely consumed by the challenges I am facing like I was.

Thank you, Inna, and your soothing voice, calmness, friendliness is also a wonder. I am also still awed by the one on one session I had with you. I felt very light after that session and know a huge baggage I have been carrying for many lifetimes left and for good. I would recommend you anytime.

~ Gao, US

The stiffness reduced and one of the big lumps is gone

“I do have an early encouraging result to certain swellings in my left mid and lower back. That is I have been massaging those areas for the previous few days for swelling lumps and stiffness. I could not lay on my back for long. I started listening to the track in the morning and 2 more times during the day. At the end of the day, I certainly noticed that the stiffness in the area was much reduced and one of the big lump was also gone. Thank you.”

~ Vui, Australia

This process works with your intention. Every time the energy works just for you!

“Today for the process I chose the yellow room intuitively and the golden switch. It’s Sunday, I want a happy day, with yellow colours . The weather is Belgium is cold and rainy. I don’t want worries or difficulties today, so, I think that’s why my intuition guided me to the yellow room. I wanted something very uplifting and sunny.

I felt soft movement of the sun both of my arms and shoulders. I was able to breathe very deeply and calmly. That was good! Movements and little bits of warmth all over the body, very subtle.

The next day I chose the silver room and a silver switch. I could feel huge movements in my whole upper body and I was very calm. My mind was also calm! This was very important to me!

This meditation works with your intention. Every time the energy works just for you! “

~ Bart, Belgium

“The back, neck and shoulders massage released pain on my neck and shoulders.”

~ Angelia, Australia


Value: $199

Format: MP3

Duration: 23.5 mins

The highest frequencies of the 5 Elements of Nature, as well as Wood element spirits, will lead you through a unique and powerful experience of joints relaxation and spinal cord resetting. This process includes an inbuilt DNA transformation of your whole life to higher frequencies. It will allow you to get happier and more fulfilling life experiences.

The process is like a reconnection of source energy. I feel like a recharged 5D battery!

Listened to the mp3 this morning. Wow … the energies are very potent and your voice soothing. Noticed as I started listening my body swaying, the energies swirling in spirals. I’m amazed at how my body reacts to this mp3 with such joy and tingling – like a reconnection of source energy.

I worked in the garden today, mowing, cleaning, planting and still feeling the powerful potent energies. No aches, no body pains or tiredness. Feel like a recharged 5D battery.

I’ve also noticed a clarity, a rekindling of passion and an affirmation of the divine feminine. The process works on so many different levels!

Thank you, Inna, for all that you do. In gratitude.”

~ Josiane, France

I feel complete. I am a different person. I feel more confident.

Since I have been using your “Joint relaxation mp3” my body just seems to melt away and my joints just relax and open up whenever I am dancing.  I am really a butterfly.  A yellow butterfly because I am transforming.  I can even jiggle my shoulders and hips.  My spine snaps and cracks.  I like it when it does.  It will take a while for my back to be complete but you know what I already feel some kind of adjustment going on.

I feel complete.  I am a different person.  I feel more confident.  My body and mind feels more relaxed.  I see things differently.  I am not so bothered by little things.

I thank you for your magic, your miracle.  You would probably say it is the 5 elements.  Yes, it is but also because you know how to use it and understand how it works.  Bless you.

~ Tama, US


Value: $199

Format: MP3

Duration: 21 mins

Your bones reflect your ancestral energies, as well as the energies of your life today. In this unique process, the energies of your bones will be reset with the 5 Elements and the spirit of Water, as well as the highest frequencies of your ancestral energies, to provide the strongest foundation for your physical body to carry higher frequencies.

It’s a Miracle!!! Just 1 session with Inna and I can Walk Again!!!

I turned to Inna’s healing because I could barely walk. 20 years ago I had a hip replacement surgery on my right side, which brought good results at that time but my hips on both sides have become progressively worse. I walk with 2 canes and can barely move. It takes me a huge effort to get to the other side of the room with 2 walking sticks. As a result of huge stress on my legs my knees became very week and trembling and my elbows have weakened as well. I am in pain 24/7. It is easier for me not to walk than walk.  So I needed major help.

After just 1 session with Inna on “bone strengthening”, I can walk around my house and even walked outside. All of my bones feel stronger and I noticed that when I walk, my legs are straighter and not trembling any more. It is a miracle! I am motivated to listen to the meditation for as long as necessary for me to bring back my strength completely! Thank you, Inna

~ Boris, Russia

Synchronicity of the Universe brought about immediate relief

“First, I have to share with you the synchronicity of the timing in listening to this meditation. I had just started calling in Archangel Raphael and asking that He comes in with a healing team to assist me and that one member of that team must be someone who works on bone issues as arthritis etc. No sooner had I done this, I was invited to test out this particular meditation so I am sure that using it consistently is going to bring about my healing.

I have noticed a definite change in my emotions as a result of this, definitely I am much more optimistic that I will receive a healing for my knees. The stiffness I usually feel when I stand up after sitting for long periods of time is much less and dissipates much faster than it did before, Also, if I am experiencing any pain, it is usually less intense or even gone away after I have listened to the meditation. The concept of getting help from my ancestors for this also resonates with me as many of my female relatives on my maternal side pretty much all had arthritis in their knees and would therefore be in a good position to assist me with this as well.

~ Barbara, Canada


Value: $199

Format: MP3

Duration: 23 mins

This MP3 presents a powerful detoxifying process to improve your skin health with the healing frequencies of the Metal element.

Skin is the largest organ of your body. It is also one of the most vulnerable ones. It is the first boundary between the outside environment and your internal organs, and it takes credit for being the most efficient protective shield of your body. Many conditions that present themselves on the skin are in fact the reaction of your internal organs to the pathogenic factors influencing the skin from either the external or the internal environment.

In this unique process, the energies of your whole body are going to be rebalanced through high frequency breathing, which in Chinese medicine is the function of the lungs that is responsible for the vital health of your skin.

Very happy with the results: skin became stronger, firmer, glowing, and calmer!

My primary issue was a tendency to “reactive” delicate skin caused primarily by stress.  I was tired of being so “transparent” when I don’t necessarily want to share a reaction or how I am feeling in a stressful situation.  I am good at not immediately reacting verbally or not getting angry, however my skin doesn’t mind giving away how I really feel – either my face or neck by turning bright pink.

I am very fair, so unfortunately I tend to blush when I am uncomfortable – something you are supposed to leave behind in childhood.

I find the overall benefits of using the mp3 to be the following:

My skin has become stronger
Firmer – nice benefit!
Calmer – not as reactive

I also had a fascinating reaction to the mp3 – as I was following along, I felt like a cool breeze was flowing inside my body from top to bottom – a bit like air conditioning my cells.

I then experienced something different but equally interesting – I actually feel considerably stronger when I follow the mp3 and breathe with my mouth wide open – a bit like a fire breathing dragon.

I am so grateful for having tested this mp3 and I am extremely happy with the results. I will continue to use this because the benefits have been so worthwhile to my overall health and well being

Thank you so much Inna!”

~ Marie, US

My massage therapist, my husband and myself noticed dramatic changes in the condition of the skin: softness, hydration, healthier colour, much smoother and more vibrant!

Before I started the meditation it felt like I had a dry itchy covering that really didn’t feel like part of me. 

But, I felt my skin as a soft nurturing covering around me, beginning immediately after starting the meditation. The most noticeable improvement in the softness and hydration was around the torso, where attention was focused in the meditation.  I started noticing that injuries seemed to heal more effectively in less time. 

I had a much healthier color, and yes you could say I had ‘a healthy glow’ after the meditation. 

I had a massage and my therapist remarked that the thing she noticed right away was that my skin seemed clearer and brighter.  One strange thing we both saw dramatically:  although overall, my skin was much better hydrated and softer, the skin of my calves or more precisely the area where my feet and calves were covered by my socks we both thought was dry and flaky as it had been overall before the meditation.  I began to send a little more attention to my legs on my own after that, and that part of my skin is now soft without itchiness and flaking.

My husband noticed the changes immediately! He said ‘your skin looks much smoother and more vibrant.

I am also feeling much more calm and at peace, and generally happier in my life.

~ Dianne, US



Value: $297

Format: Coaching and Group healing session 1 (Recodring)

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

This coaching session will help you make the most of your visit to “Neck, shoulders, arms and back and legs muscles energy massage in the Crystal Temple of Rejuvenation”. We will take muscle relaxation further and will learn to release negative emotions release, resolve difficult life situations, improve your relationships, increase your finances, progress your career and land your life purpose. This session includes teaching you how to conduct this process and a powerful group healing.


Value: $297

Format: Coaching and Group healing session 2 (Recording)

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

This coaching session will guide you through your experience of “Joints relaxation: dancing with the wood spirits”. You will learn to release stagnant energies from your joints and reset your spine using the high frequencies of the 5 Elements and Wood Element Spirits. This session includes teaching you how to conduct this process and a powerful group healing.


Value: $297

Format: Coaching and Group healing session 3 (Recording)

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

You will learn how to nourish and cleanse your body and skin through dynamic breathing and Metal element frequencies. This session includes teaching you how to conduct this process and a powerful group healing.


Value: $199

Format: MP3

Duration: 19 mins

This MP3 provides energy help to restore the natural beauty of your hair. The information used in this MP3 is based on many centuries of wisdom found in Chinese medicine, as well as on the latest research of Western medicine. This treatment is applied energetically, combined with your highest and best intention, as well as energy healing and DNA transformations.

This MP3 can be safely used by everyone who would like to improve the quality of their hair, including those who have hair issues due to hormonal changes, radiation or chemo therapy, thyroid disorders, pregnancy, stress, autoimmune diseases, medications or family history.

Item 18 Closed Facebook group support and sharing platform

This Closed Group will support your learning and healing experiences. It allows you to share, experiment and boost each other’s confidence.

Value: $100

Item 19 and Item 20 2 remote healings

Value: $199

Recordings of 2 free group remote healing and adjustments are included (frequencies only).

What people say about Inna’s healing sessions and meditations:

Constant pain in my hip from cancer released just after 2 sessions. I have hope now

I had been previously diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and was experiencing a lot of pain in my hip and thigh and was struggling to keep going with my treatments and had really got to the point where I feared I couldn’t carry on.

During our first session, Inna identified I was holding onto some negative energy from a past life and she cleared that for me. I felt very supported and she gave me the hope to keep going with my treatments. After the session I felt stronger and had a gradual improvement in my mood and the pain eased a little. In our second session Inna took me back to the womb and cleared the energy which I had brought into this life which meant I would develop cancer. She also cleared some energy from a past life which gave me the feeling I needed to take on other peoples’ suffering. She also led me through a deep breathing process which made me feel so relaxed and pain free and then I knew that it was possible for me to heal and be pain-free.

After the session I have seen a gradual improvement to the point that I now only have slight pain in my hip and I am feeling so much stronger and able to be positive about my life. My sleep has improved and I feel more able to listen to my intuition.

I am so grateful to Inna for her support and understanding.”

~ Sara, UK

Inna’s meditation saved my life when my body systems were shutting down!

Recently, I encountered an issue with all my body systems shutting down:  severe pain in my pancreas, gallbladder, and heart. Accompanied by severe headaches, inability to sleep or eat well or at all. I was getting weaker as the days went on, losing my capacity to eliminate, or walk.

Fearful I was approaching the end of my life, I called my long term friend to help me figure out why this was occurring. Being a healer, he said, I had mold in my living space, get it out now!

He was able to get it out of all my body systems. It took many hours. That evening I was clear, thank God!

We cleared my living space by throwing out carpets that same day. Unfortunately we closed it up too soon without airing it out well. I was even sicker the next Day!

I was prepared to die with dignity, go quietly….starve myself I WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN AGAIN and so tired!

Instead I decided to play Inna Van Der Velden’s Sun and Moon meditations because they felt so good –Anything for the pain I was experiencing!  I played them on repeat mode, fell asleep for 2 hours or more.

When I awoke and got up I discovered to my bewildered mind I was fine. And felt good! I was stunned that it had lifted!

I highly recommend Inna’s profound energy work…..for many physical, emotional, spiritual issues. It is gentle, beautiful and the mp3s work!

~ Judy, US

Lost for words – ancient fears released as energy continued working through the night!

Wow,I am always lost for words when I have a session with Inna, she is amazing, she helped me release some ancient fears that were holding me back in my path. I felt very light after the session and guess what that was not all, the energy continued working on me in the night.I had some very strong tinglings, my whole body was vibrating, especially my third eye. I  could hear my guides talking while the process was on. That was beautiful and the knowing that the clearing continues even after the session, it is really worth it. If you are thinking of doing a session with Inna, my advice is go for it and be open to receive, you will be amazed. Thank you Inna for the wonderful session.

~ Gao, US

My relationship with my husband improved after clearing loneliness, abuse, fear and rejection

Inna helped me in clearing lots like loneliness, abuse, fear and rejection.

I so shy to admit it to my husband that I was not attracted to him because of the abuse and betrayal of my past. Inna gave me a COLOR AND A CODE energy frequency to tap into to improve my relationship with my husband, which I tried immediately and it worked. He was very polite and caring towards me. He was holding my hand…

So I say yes, the 5 elements system works. Inna is amazing. She listens to you patiently and clears energy blockages at the same time. Inna makes you feel like a star! Thank you Inna Van Der Velden for caring, listening and helping me.

~ Mehar, US

My neck started to straighten and my spine was also straightening after Inna worked on my scoliosis

My biggest concern was my scoliosis because it was affecting my balance and giving me back pain. While Inna was working on each vertebra from the neck down to my tail bone I could feel the energy shifting. My neck started to straighten and my spine was also straightening. I could feel the strength of my spine supporting my back. Before this healing I had to consciously pull my back up and remind myself not to slouch. After the healing I took an Epson Salt bath and while sitting in the bathtub I was focusing on my spine. Then I felt this tiny bubble coming up my spine from the tailbone all the way up to the water line on my shoulder. Then another tiny bubble and another all coming from the area of the tail bone to different parts of my back and ending up to the water line by my shoulder. I was just feeling these bubbles. It felt like pockets of air.

I went to my swing dance class tonight and had a wonderful time. I was feeling so different happier and felt like this is really and truly a new beginning for me. I feel I can look ahead to a happier time. I am grateful that the Universe connected Inna to me. Thank you,

~ Tama, US

Chronic constipation relieved after 50 years

Also, Inna, all my life over 50 years I was constipated.  I had always struggled and it was the norm for me. I always felt uncomfortable.  But, I saved this for the last. While you were working on me this past Tuesday morning I was feeling energy moving around my intestinal area.  That afternoon I had the best and easiest bowel movement ever.  No struggles for the first time ever and it has been like that since.  I like to think that I am not holding on to the past any more.  I hope this is not gross to mention but it is really a liberation for me.

I believe in this 5 element healing. It makes a lot of sense to me.

You are also so generous in teaching us. Bless you.”

~ Tama, US

Severe Gall Bladder pain disappeared within minutes. I did not have to call the ambulance!

I called Inna because I had the worst gallbladder pain ever, 10 out of 10. I was about to call the ambulance but decided to call Inna first. She said that she would adjust my Gall Bladder energies to my perfect DNA which shows no problem that created the pain. During the process the pain has subsided to 0 and I felt a lot of light. It felt as if my energy field has expanded and became lighter and brighter. I couldn’t believe that severe pain can resolve within minutes. Inna, you are truly a miracle worker! Very grateful!

~ Alex, Russia

I feel clear, bright and energetic as if 2 strokes never happened to me

I had 2 strokes, the last one 6 months ago. Inna helped me a lot during the recovery period, clearing ancestral beliefs that led me to this condition. I was lucky, with Inna’s help I recovered and can do everything around the house, including buying groceries all by myself. However, I always feel very tired. I need to rest often and I am always low on energy. After the activation of the 5 elements highest frequencies in me, my energy level completely changed. I have much more energy and can accomplish 3 times more than before during the day. I feel clear, bright and energetic, as if 2 strokes never happened to me. Thank you, Inna

~ Margarita, Russia

Wow! I could see powerful energies working on my hair

Wow, Inna, on the first day I started listening to the meditation, I felt and seen energy around missing hair from hairline.  I have seen Hair being wrung out of old toxins from smoking and realized how the colour had changed from smoking.   Similar sensations, visuals on the 2nd day.  Today could feel zigzagging of Vitamin D and other nutrient energies move from feet up through body. And again hair being wrung out of toxins.  So excited.

Listened on silent last night, felt tingling in head about 1 hr later.  Today during bringing up of energy through feet, saw white zigzaggy, scribbly energy on left side from foot to thigh.  Right side blackness, void.  Felt the energies attempting to join, meld, looked like a huge DNA strand but not joining.  Like two C’S back to back.  Tingling band line of energy in back of head about 3 inches from crown.

~ Tamara, Canada

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