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A 5 Elements personal healing session is aimed at dealing with your specific wish through the energies of the 5 Elements Wishing Well.


I feel tremendous support from Inna and 5 Elements Rejuvenation© system in my journey through cancer

I was diagnosed with malignant carcinoma of my stomach in November 2017. It is a very aggressive condition when the changes happen very fast. However, with the New year approaching and holidays in our country, my operation and subsequent treatment kept being postponed. All this time I feel being supported by the 5 Elements Rejuvenation© system. Every day I rebalance all 5 Elements in me. I am so happy I learned that. I am using the personal meditation created by Inna and I am feeling so much better. I couldn’t eat anything, lost a lot of weight. A week after I started listening to the recording, I started eating everything, even what I could not eat before. I feel healthier and I noticed I gained a little weight. The doctors suspected metastases, but were taking their time for checking. I used this time for healing. I listened to the process and to the overnight meditation for the cells restoration. Then when the testing was done finally, there were no signs of metastases in my blood work, nor in any other areas. I am still working with Inna’s processes. I added a detoxifying meditation now to my daily listening. With this system I do not feel alone. I feel that the Universe is doing its best for me too. I am hopeful of my future and grateful to Inna’s work. For me it is a WAY to to survive, to heal and to STAY ALIVE. I feel tremendous support from Inna and 5 Elements Rejuvenation© system in my journey through cancer.

Thank you very much.

 Irina, Russia

 When a huge block left my abdomen, I started being seen. A total stranger walked past me

and said “You are so beautiful”

 My intention for the session was being seen and meeting the “love of my life and marrying”.

After the session I felt a sensation like thick ropes being untangled and released out from my abdomen. It was a very profound experience (my abdomen is my sensitive area in general), but I allowed it and knew that there was huge release occurring for me. After a few hours, the discomfort subsided, and I never felt discomfort in my abdomen again.

2 Days after the session I ©walked out of the elevator in a shopping centre, and a total stranger, a man , walked past me and said completely out of the blue “ you are so beautiful “ . Wow !!! And I feel that people just seem to notice me a bit more in general. In the past I would get an offish sometimes or no reaction from people in general, so having people respond pleasantly to me is something I am so grateful for. I truly feel that this comes from clearings that the 5 Elements have done on me.

I did notice that although we worked on the one Main point of being seen and meeting the “love of my life and marrying ‘, a lot of the other points I had written down in my Notebook before the session WERE actually addressed in the session, even though it took me a few days to realize that synchronicity.

That makes me even more grateful for the gift of my Alignment & manifesting session.

 Laila, South Africa

Personalized healing helped resolve deep conflict with my husband

I was in a deep state of conflict with my husband. We disagreed on something absolutely fundamental and could not reach any progress. The decision to go for a divorce was looming. I was frustrated, very angry and emotional. I just couldn’t understand why he failed to see the truth.

Then I decided to give this personalized healing a chance. I listened to the meditation three times over the course of one day. When I returned home, ready to continue to argument in the evening, a magical thing happened. My husband himself suggested we look this particular decision differently and declared that he is willing to reverse his position. This is absolutely unheard of. We are now in a state of peace and rebuilding. Thank you, Inna!

Angelica, London UK

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