Heal your body, emotions, mind and soul energetically with the help of the 5 Elements of Nature
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5 Elements Healing


In our bodies Water regulates all the metabolic processes and supports life through the vital life force of your ancestors and energies you create through breathing, eating and social contact.


Wood (Air) brings movement to all the energies inside the body and ensures its best functioning in the outside environment, helps cleansing the body from toxins and regulates blood.


Fire regulates the optimal temperature for survival, supports the energies of the heart.


Earth ensures balance between the inside and the outside environment of the body, regulating life force through digestion.


Metal ensures the optimal balance of minerals in the body, regulates breathing and helps eliminate waste.


5 Element Rejuvenation is a unique system based on the best practices of Chinese medicine, psychology and energy healing.
It uses deep work with the subconscious and the energies of the Five Elements – Water, Wood (Air), Fire, Earth and Metal in order to slow the aging process of the body and to achieve rejuvenation on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
By learning how to balance the energies of each element within yourself you will be able to support the best possible balance in your body regarding physical health, emotions and beliefs.
You will be able to rebalance yourself, creating a healthy body, positive emotions,  positive thinking and luck in your life.

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