5 Jul 2018

5 Elements Rejuvenation Programs

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Hi, wonderful souls!

We get a lot of questions on how our programs work and what energies they use.

This description will help you navigate yourself among our programs.


Miracle of Deep Healing and Rejuvenating through 5 Elements Energies. It is a must-have basic package. It shows how each element works, gives access to the energies of the 2 Temples of Rejuvenation, restores the movement of the 5 elements in your body, and it provides 6 tutorials on each of the elements and their movements, as well as access to self-healing with the 5 Elements energies. The program introduces the powerful energies of the 5 building blocks of the Universe. A miraculous eye-opener!

5 Elements Multidimensional Spa. It is a selection of processes for pampering yourself and healing the microsystems of your body: face, hands and nails, muscles, eyes, ears, bones, hair, etc. The program gives access to these energies through the energetically created space of “Multidimensional Beauty Spa”. It also includes a series of coaching calls on how to access the energies of “Multidimensional Beauty Spa”, for lots of healing and practice.  These enable you to revitalize and pamper yourself!

5 Elements Wonderland. It is an advanced program which includes balancing the big subfields of the 5 Elements in you, restoring the flow of the cycles of your current as well as your past lives. We are also creating balance in your 2018 energies (manifesting a successful year). This is global work on all of your life fields and cycles at the same time. The program uses the energies of all (big and small) subfields of the 5 Elements and teaches you how to use these energies through a series of tutorials. Life changing!


WISHING WELL DAILY SUPER TREASURES5 Elements Wishing Well. It is a program which includes a selection of high frequency processes for dealing with the most common issues. The access to these powerful energies is through your own high frequencies connecting to the high frequencies of the 5 Elements Gods and Masters and opening up energy pathways in you to enable you to receive purer frequencies. Good to have as a useful tool box to support your life in common frequent situations.


5 Elements Treasure Chest. This is a collection of 10 short programs which deal with 10 specific issues. There is a new release approximately every month. Each program works on a specific issue. You select what you want to work on and heal. The energies in this program come from the depth of the energy field of the 5 Elements and work in a focused way. They are powerful because they introduce new purer energy tendencies on the Earth. Here are the specific issues the 5 Elements Treasure Chest energies will address:

  • Headaches/migraines
  • Cleanse and detoxify
  • Arthritis (joints support)
  • Back pain (low/mid/upper)
  • Constipation/diarrhea (colon health)
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Regulating blood pressure (high and/or low)
  • Breathing support (asthma, hay fever, bronchitis)
  • Heart support (physical and emotional)
  • Fatigue/ME

Wishing you lots of love and powerful healing!


Inna Van Der Velden