15 May 2017


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Hi dear friends!

Do you feel long overdue for some ‘me time’? How about a spa day that changes your life?

I am thrilled to announce that I am back on FHTJ hosted by Eram Saeed with a brand-new program: “Shine Your Beauty from Within – A Visit to Multidimensional Beauty Spa” on May 30th.  I will share with you a once-in-a-lifetime experience of deep rejuvenation in a MULTIDIMENSIONAL ENERGY SPA!

For the past few months, I have been spending my days in deep energy work and have created a very special healing space – a spa that offers treatments for your body, your organs, your mind and your entire being.

During your spa visits to my multidimensional spa, you will release a lot of karmic heavy energies from your organs, viscera, bones, joints and tissues, which you have been carrying through many lifetimes and reincarnations in your DNA.

You will release your emotional and physical pain! You will look and feel the way you always dreamed to.

You will get there by allowing me to give deep healing to the microsystems of your body: your face, your hands and nails, your ears, your eyes, and even your teeth! Did you know that these seemingly individual parts reflect the state of being of your internal organs, as well as your whole body and all your energies?

I will be channeling the energies of the multidimensional 5 Elements of Nature I have been working with preparing for this program.

Pay a visit to the “Multidimensional Beauty Spa”, created just for you from the high- frequency multidimensional energies of the Universe, and enjoy this truly rejuvenating experience on May 30th!

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