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Digestion rules your life. When you have a healthy digestion, every day is off to a good start. We are here to help you start every day of your life with ease through the 5 Elements Optimal Digestion Support Routine program (3 MP3s). It will help you

  • regulate digestive energies through improving the 5 Elements healthy functions in your digestive system
  • release once and for all the stresses of your ancestors influencing your digestion today
  • Stop craving and allergies through nourishing your body with the soul food frequencies

After the purchase please, click on the program image, click on the message “start course”, and there will be a list of the modules with a brief description. After clicking on the individual module, there is the download link for the mp3

  1. 5 Elements Optimal Digestion Support Routine. MP3- meditation, high frequencies

These are critical steps that flow one to the next that will enable you

  • to take in better food that you normally would through your healthier connection with the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms
  • to fire up your metabolism for better digestion
  • to turn the food into the quality energy for life
  • to regulate the flow of the delivery of the vital energy to each cell of your body
  • to release what is not serving through your healthy colon energies


  1. Ancestral stress flush. MP3 – meditation, high frequencies

The energies of our ancestors are closely influencing the energies of all food that our planet produces. If you think about it, it means all the wars, the famine, the conflict is still within our food. This MP3 allows you to disconnect from these old patterns of your ancestors and to rewire your digestive energies to take in what is the best for you.


  1. Turn your cravings into soul food. MP3 – high frequencies

Your cravings and food allergies come from the negative patterns of your emotional and mental fields. Allow your Soul and your Masters to come through, disconnect you from these old patterns and infuse your digestive system with the soul frequencies of your Life Purpose. It will immediately switch on the built-in body recognition of which food is the best for you. Just imagine being able to nourish your body with the fuel to live your Life Purpose. As your eating habits change, your general health improves.


A knot in my stomach area dissolved by clearing cruelty and jealousy from my lemurian ancestors.

Usually I feel stress as a knot in my digestive system. When I started listening to this meditation immediately I felt a knot in my stomach area, it just came out of nowhere. From that knot, like through a pathway, I was taken to the ancestral energies. I saw a caveman and then the energy went deeper into the lemuria times. I started feeling even more discomfort in my stomach connected with that time. Then a bright light transformed whatever was connected with this discomfort and then, all of a sudden, I felt jealous. I do not consider myself a jealous person, but I could definitely identify this emotion. Also, cruelty came up, and it was based on fear. The light started washing it out. At the end of the process I felt great, as if something big and ancient released from my digestion. There was no knot any more in my stomach in next week even though I had a couple of stressful days.

Galina, Russia

What a blessing! I feel calm and sure of myself and my food tastes fresher!

I listened to the Bonus meditation 3 times in a row. It is so short and very-very powerful. I felt the connection within my energy bodies and some work was done in my brain, as if it was rewiring. After listening, I felt so calm and sure of myself as if I was sifted into real ME! It was a blessing! After listening to these frequencies, I noticed that my food tastes fresher!

Svetlana, Russia


Section 15 Elements Optimal Digestion Support Routine.
Section 2Ancestral stress flush.
Section 3Bonus. Turn your cravings into soul food.