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Control your frustrations and anger before they control you

Restore your energy field with laughter and fun energies of the Universe

Cleanse and detoxify your whole body from toxins, harmful radiation, bacteria, virus, candida, drugs debri, “toxic people”, “toxic home energies”, etc.

Release flashes of anger, irritability, resentments, frustrations, overwhelming emotions that you normally can’t deal with on the spot. This is a quick fix for all of those angry emotions that drive you to do or say things that you later regret.

You will be surprised how these “frequencies processes” will change your perception of reality. You will flow into peace and instantaneously feel rejuvenated as if you have been for a long refreshing walk in the woods, had an ice cream or shared a laugh with a friend. It works short term and long term if you listen to it frequently.

This high frequency healing will not only help your emotions. It releases and normalizes the symptoms of these emotions as they are expressed in the body, such as virus and harmful bacteria, high blood pressure, hot skin conditions, like rashes and hives, tremors, irrational behavior, normalizes digestion, prevents heat stroke, cleanses and restores liver and gall bladder energies.


This process definitely works! No discomfort in my knees and tonsils after listening to the process once

I came out of last winter with the knee pain and tonsil issues. I thought it was time for me to detox before the summer. When I started listening to the “Cleanse and Detoxify” meditation, I saw a dark field of energies inside and around, which started clearing. I could feel the fluids in the whole body starting to cleanse, and there was a sour taste in my mouth. Then I felt a flow of slime in my throat. In my stomach I could see energetically an accumulation of “dark liquid”, which started flowing out of the body. At the end, I saw my field shining with golden light and at this point I was dissolved in it. I did not even notice when the process was over. I think I fell asleep. The next day, I felt much improvement in my knees (I do not notice any discomfort any more). Also, there is no unpleasant sensations in my throat. There is a general feeling of well-being. This process definitely works! Thank you, Inna, I feel healthier!

Katherine, Russia

The perception of my life as a hostile environment changed to “I am loved by the whole world”

The meditation “Restore your Energy Field with Laughter and Fun” is wonderful and a lot of fun! First, I saw a sphere of light filled with the energy of the Sun and then beautiful colorful ribbons coming from it. My energy field started expanding, it become light and white. Fun started arriving with tingling in my stomach, as if someone starting tingling me. It is funny because I do not know English, but Inna told me afterwards that it was exactly what was happening. The Field was playing with me! There was a feeling that the 5 Elements were dissolving the dark energies present in my body, it felt like the dark cubes of sugar are being dissolved. The perception of my life as a hostile environment changed to “I am loved by the whole world”. At the end, I became one with the white field of energy. It was so cool! After the meditation I felt completely FREE! There was a sense of deep comfort in my whole body. Bravo, Inna!

Galina, Russia

Section 1Item 1 MP 3 - healing frequencies. “Cleanse and detoxify”.
Section 2Item 2 MP 3 - healing frequencies. “Control your frustrations and anger before they control you”.
Section 3Bonus MP3 – healing frequencies. “Restore your energy field with laughter and joy energies of the Universe”