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This program partners with the power of new advanced energies for the in-depth healing of depression and/or anxiety. The program is created with loving support of your own Masters and Teachers, the 5 Elements Spirit and Matter Masters and Teachers and is delivered through your Soul-Heart-Mind energies. This program consists of 3 high frequency processes (MP3s) which bring you to a happier and healthier place in order to fulfill your Higher Purpose.

MP3 1 – Depression and/or anxiety Super Healer

MP3 2 – The 3 Fires Healer. Protection from depression and anxiety

MP3 3- Bonus. I Live when I Create with Love

Our deepest gratitude to the beautiful healing powers of the Fire Element with love, support, deep understanding and cooperation of Water, Earth and All.

After the purchase please, click on the program image, click on the message “start course”, and there will be a list of the modules with a brief description. After clicking on the individual module, there is the download link for the mp3

From pain, depression and anxiety for 18 years to a blissful state within 3 days!

I have been experiencing pain /burn-out /depression and anxiety for 18 years after a major breakdown in 2000 and I had other personality problems and traumas.

I tried a lot of healing methods and I will tell you I love healing with the 5 elements energies.

This Super Healing for depression and anxiety feels really-really strong to me!

Within the first 3 days of listening to the process my anxiety diminished from level 7 out of 10 (10 is the worst) to 2.

Before listening anxiety was tangible and present in my chest and shoulders as a tightness and cold feeling running upwards from midbody to my throat and shoulders.  An unpleasant suffocating feeling running upwards from my chest to my throat.

When I started listening, I felt warmer and calming energies penetrated me.

After the first listening the anxiety calmed down, warming up my chest and relaxing the muscles in chest and shoulders. Also, I had completely different thought patterns. And I immediately felt a blanket of pleasant supporting magnetic sensations around me and my entire body that stayed with me until the next day..

Half an hour after listening I looked in the mirror and could see a sparkle in my eyes that hasn’t been there for a long time.

After the second day, the most specific experience was when I lay in bed that night and noticed that my entire focus of attention had changed: from inwardly focused on  negative thoughts and darkness in my mind towards the outside of my mind: to the sounds of the traffic outside and periods of silence and sounds outside of my head . This was blissful!

After the third day I noticed The overall energy that surrounds me and enters me is very powerful! It feels like powerful chi and relaxes the muscles in my chest, heart and throat.  It gives me more breathing space in my chest and the anxiety decreased very strongly.

Thank you, Inna and beautiful 5 Elements Energies. I hope I can be a healer myself one day.


Jan, Belgium

This process is so powerful, it worked fast on my body and my emotions!

 I used the process “Depression/anxiety Super Healer” to heal a tremendous amount of stress and worry. My cat swallowed a rubber band and it took me three days to figure it out before I took him to the hospital. He required an immediate surgery. I was emotionally shattered because my cat is a member of the family. I was so worried that my whole body was tense, I developed an intense headache and could not sleep for three nights. I started listening to the meditation and obersving what was happening in my body. Immediately I felt the tension in my head releasing, the headache was gone within minutes. Afterwards the tension was releasing from everywhere in the body. Then the energy started flowing from the head into the body and I started feeling pleasant lightness. I realized how much stress affects us. The next morning I woke up rested and so much calmer. I know everything will be fine. I definitely recommend this process to everyone who goes through stressful life circumstances. This process is so powerful, it worked fast on my body and my emotions! I am so grateful, Inna. Thank you very much.

Nataly, Russia


The flow of confidence into my whole being.  Anxiety released!

 My goal before the process was to finally stand in my power. I was observing this meditation energetically because I can see the energies. Initially I saw 3 leaves opening up, and then the energies started working in my heart area. The top part of the body was filled with the loving energies several times, and then the energies descended. I had a feeling of being part of Fire. I was Fire. I felt as if my lack of confidence was released completely, I was empowered with Fire itself to be me. It is a super powerful meditation! After the process I felt the flow of confidence into my whole being. All my anxiety and unnecessary worry was released. It was as if finally I could be myself at all levels.


Galina, Russia


From stagnation to desire to live and do things. A huge transformation for me!

The processes are super powerful! My main issue was that I feel that my life was stagnant. I was always following the flow of life, not creating it myself. I have not experienced “ the soaring light of my soul” in a long, long time. I have not felt completely present in my body for a long time either. After listening to the full set just once ( 3 meditations), a lot of my mental and emotional issues came up and expressed themselves in my life as tension in the family relationships, flooding into my emotions and thoughts. However, the next day I kept on listening. The second day I felt dizzy and then, the turning point happened. I started being more positive, completely present in my body, and also I feel very strong as if I am in my 20s even though I am in my mid 50s now. I feel that now I can live my life the way I want. I feel a desire to live and do things… it is a huge transformation for me… I will keep on working on it. Thank you very much, Inna.

Alex, Russia



Section 11. Depression and/or anxiety Super Healer
Section 22. The Three Fires Healer. Protection from depression and anxiety
Section 33. Bonus. I Live when I Create with Love.