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Total value – $3,260 US

Includes all 8 items of Package A +  5 workshops + a group healing + access to a support group and a bonus

This package is a course of workshops that will enable you to create and sustain high frequencies of the 5 Elements energies when you live through small and big cycles of your life. The package is presented as a series of alignments, manifesting workshops and group remote healings.

The Elements and I will teach you to align your bodies to higher frequencies of health, happiness and abundance through the subfields discussed in package A. We will help you create your own big and small cycles holding the high energies of these alignments and will assist you energetically through manifesting the cycles of your dreams.  


Value – $197

Format: MP3

Aligning your organs and bowels to their optimal daily, weekly and monthly biological cycle to receive frequencies for perfect health, happiness and abundance.  

Perfect for regulating the functions of your organs.

For example:


  • Liver- to help cleanse and detoxify blood, promote smooth flow of blood in the body, create focus and direction for your Life Purpose, and regulate menstrual cycles


The alignment includes work with 11 organs and bowels.


Massive shift, menopausal symptoms almost gone after less than 2 weeks

Thank you for the healthy organs MP3 which I have now played for around 2 weeks.  On first listen I could feel how powerful it was:  My crown chakra has been activated every time I have listened to it and sensations in this area continued during the 25 minutes of my listening.  Also as you moved through the organs on the MP3 I could feel sensations in my body in those same areas and it felt as if the chakras that relate to the different organs were being worked on.   From these sensations I knew this was powerful healing.  What has been best of all is that as I have played the MP3 on loop as I have been going about my day and my menopausal hot flushes have reduced to just a slight sensation of overheating.   This is so wonderful and a massive shift from where I was before I started listening the the MP3.  This is all from less than 2 weeks of listening to the MP3. 


Thank you & much love,

Davinder, UK


Value – $197

Format: MP3

Aligning all the systems in your body (cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, integumentary, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, renal, reproductive, respiratory) to receive higher frequencies of the 5 Elements for health, happiness and abundance.

Perfect for regulating your body systems.

For example:

Cardiovascular system – to help promote healthy blood circulation, reduce fatigue, help dissolve cholesterol, promote good sleep, connect your logical Mind with the Spark of God energy inside you, calm your mind, clear extreme nervousness, anxiety, depression, and create clarity.

This alignment includes work with 10 systems.


Feel happy and light as my expectations for general alignment were completely met

My intention was to align my systems for general well-being.

When I started listening to the meditation, immediately I felt an energy flow through my whole body. Then the energy went into my thymus, and there was a sensation of tingling there. Both sides of my body were balancing and the organs as well. My main focus was on the digesting system, and I felt a lot of clearing there, I could almost see and feel energetically “heavy stones” releasing from my digestion. While listening to the cardiovascular system balancing I felt my blood vessels were clearing and the whole body and my head plunged into some comfortable state of being. All along I felt all layers lifting and newer energies arriving. In the end I saw myself in a state of a joyful child, filled with lightness and freedom.

I feel so light and happy as my expectations from this meditation for general alignment were completely met.


Galina, Russia


Better digestion and more energy for living


Every time I used the body systems tuning I felt warmth all through me.  I totally relaxed.  I have noticed better digestion and I have more energy for living.


Thank you very much for creating this process.


Jeanne, US


Value – $197

Format: MP3


Aligning your 5 Elements emotional and mental energy subfields to sustain higher frequencies of the 5 Elements for health, happiness and abundance.

Perfect for harmonizing your emotions and focusing your mind. Ring in the new year by watching your health, happiness and abundance unfold in front of your eyes. This alignment is all about working with your emotional and mental fields to give your manifestations and desires the explosive boost they need to succeed.

Healer’s block resolved and so is my issue after listening to this brilliant process. It is a great every day tool!

I had a problem connected to “the healer’s block”. My purpose was to unlock emotional and mental programming which was stopping me from receiving abundance my life charging for my healing and stepping to a new level of giving and receiving energies which will allow me to be a healer with a more expanded consciousness and access to more resources of the Universe. The process I participated in was so powerful. At the beginning of the meditation there is a sensation in the body as if my whole emotional field started “trembling” Then I got connected to the energies of the whole Earth and Universe at the same time, a huge feeling of expansion, like my whole being does not have any borders… Then there was a sensation of fluidity in the body, like melted metal. Then there was an energy wheel in front of me and behind as if balancing me, which I also felt in the body. I could see my organs clearing, the strongest sensations were in my upper stomach and throat. After the meditation, all of a sudden, I felt how my head became lighter as if something cleared up that was blocking my thinking, my whole body became lighter as well. In the end clarity set in, I knew exactly what was stopping me and how to handle my issue, which resolved the next day to my satisfaction. I am so happy that we have a brilliant process like this to bring us to clarity and emotional issues resolution fast. I am going to use it every day when I will need to achieve emotional resolution and mental clarity how to handle a situation. Thank you very much, Inna. It is a great every-day tool!

Natalia, Russia    


What a lovely MP3! I helped focus and stop procrastinating with my projects


My manifesting intention was to just get a move on with increasing my earning ability through starting much procrastinated projects/ ideas. After 3 days of listening I’m finding that these energies are helping me focus forward and stop the procrastinating …


At first, I had difficulty visualizing all 5 elements in firework terms, my memories of fireworks is strongly associated with fire and light. My mental mind was rather fixated in sorting out this particular conundrum of mine. I then found imagining the 5 elements as fireworks both sonically and visually was more natural for me.


A few times at the end of the mp3 I felt a momentary jab/ache, not painful, in a body part, the first was around left kidney area.


After 1 week, I felt the fireworks ripple pulse explode in my body and also experienced my mind in my imagination as vertical bubbling planes of firework. In other words, I became the fireworks momentarily.


I felt the mp3 has helped me with taking action with a few things I was procrastinating.


It’s a lovely MP3! It was a magical when I was focusing on the process!


Celine, Canada


After listening to it once I was in a state of total Peace


I had been releasing some very deep ‘stuff’ and had not had much sleep for a couple of nights and was feeling really fragile and down.


I was very happy to listen to the Fireworks of Life meditation. Was feeling a bit better till I got to the Water element in the Emotions, when I had a total meltdown, feeling I wasn’t good enough…


I carried on listening, through the meltdown and tears, and by the end I was in a state of total Peace. This, after listening once!!!  


Can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of the week.


Thank you so much for creating this wonderful meditation.


Sue, UK


Value – $197

Format: MP3


In this process we will take you for a walk to the 5 Elements smell and taste market. This process will prepare your digestive system for efficient production of the vital life energy, Qi, and blood for your manifestations.

Perfect for regulating your optimal body weight and actually meeting the weight  goals you set for yourself.


I’m reintegrating the parts of me that I had left out due to pain and misperception


As I float through the market, smell the different fruits, vegetables, the dried fruits, etc, I realize with awareness I’m reintegrating the parts of me that I had left out due to pain and
misperception. A sense of peace and harmony bathes over me as my body feels calm and secure. Feeling whole and more alive on grounding a greater expanded awareness of self. Interacting with people on a more impersonal level.

Also noticing that the awareness of self is more from a Soul perspective and feeling my body more from an energetic perspective.

I sense I’m still integrating and balancing this process! As I write, the words tingle in my body, probably my Soul validating my experience.
Love and Blessings Inna

Josiane, France


Sweet cravings subsided and energy levels increased through 5 Elements work

I did this meditation 5 times and have encouraging results.

My weight went down a pound, and I noticed that my energy level has increased, and that the sweet cravings were not as strong as they were before. Thank you, 5 Elements.

Suzi, US


My husband and I both achieved our goals: I gained weight and my husband maintained weight.


I used this mp3 to gain weight while my husband is to maintain his weight. I fall asleep every time I listened to it except when I have it on a loop in silence. I did gain 1.5 lb at the end of the 7 days, and that was my goal.

As for my husband, he wanted to maintain his weight and gained half lb. On the first 2 days, he was reminded of the food he enjoys when he listened to the mp3 and felt hungry for them often. However, from the 3rd day on, he stopped craving for those food and was surprised that he didn’t feel hungry like he normally would. My husband was having a cold while doing this meditation. However, he didn’t seem very sick, perhaps it’s because he was listening to the mp3, which probably helped him and alleviated the cold symptoms.

Thank you again for letting us test your program. It’s been so amazing every time!!


Amy, US


Value – $197

Format: MP3


We will align your body to the climatic and seasonal fluctuations of the 5 Elements energies. This will allow your energy systems to use the energy resources of the Earth seasons, humidity, temperature, time zones and climates for your manifestations.  

Perfect for regulating your body functions, blood pressure and finding the energy spot on the Earth perfect to supplement the energy of your manifestation.

It is beyond my expectation. My night sweating reduced and the feeling that the Earth is my home increased

I am fortunate to experience the magic flight through the seasons. My intention was to help my body with excessive sweating and better adjustability to the weather. I have been having problems with extensive sweating at night or whenever I sleep for more than 4 years. It is beyond my expectation that it does it for various time zones and climate zones as well. The process is pack with different nuances, which deserve careful listening in the first few days to better interact with it. For example, where are the best energy place for you on the Earth and which is the best season for you? It then merges that place/season to your system for your best manifestation.

At the beginning of listening, I got 40% in my mind as in how truly the earth is my home. Then it quickly increased to 50% and now it is 65% after 7 days of listening. I am sure it will continue to rise in the weeks to come. My night sweating has noticeably reduced in the last 2 nights starting from the 6 days of listening.  I listen to it at least twice a day with some days 6 or more times. I also had it played on mute few times during the day and same at night.

Liew, Australia

Huge benefit – blood pressure regulated, feeling more energy and strength inside


I have been listening to the “A magic flight through seasons mp3” and right of way the first thing I felt was more energy, a strength inside that gave me a sense of self. I had been feeling under the weather for over a month and as soon as I listened the first time this increased energy and inner strength was such a relief. 


Within a few days I was feeling more and more myself.  Another huge benefit was the regularisation of my blood pressure, I had high blood pressure about 2 months ago and I did get it under control myself with no medication I was hovering within normal limits but what I considered still high for me, I am usually on the lower side, so I was very happy and surprised to get readings of 117 over 74 instead of 139 over 89 so that was a huge jump and I am so grateful to be in sync again. 

Our weather has been all over the place, summer like even though it is late fall and as we are usually closer to zero degrees Celcius these higher numbers create viruses going around, in which I am usually prone to catch easily and I am so relieved to have a greater tolerance to the weather conditions and the viruses have been kept away.  I got through all the piles of paper work at work, organized my files and even found time to do extra important data entry of new products into our program we use at work. I felt uplifted, happy and energetic as I got through everything.  The magic flight through the seasons has gifted me an inner peace and strength, regulated my blood pressure, while also having more energy to do more in less time which has been magic in itself.  Thank you, and I am looking forward to experiencing more of the magic!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Infinite Blessings in Love and Light,


Anna, Canada


Value – $197

Format: MP3


We will align your body to the 5 elements high frequencies of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms for deeper connection. This will allow you implement their energy resources for your manifestations for health, happiness and abundance.

Perfect for generating extra energy resources for your manifestations and for your daily achievements.


I needed to let go of “disempowering fish” to catch “bigger fish”. Great Big Wow!


When I participated in Inna’s 5 Elements Rejuvenation Spa, within one month, my hair was noticeably more lustrous AND began returning back to its natural colour…among other things! Understandably, I jumped to try out her latest 5 Elements Wonderland program to release emotional blocks to healthy relationships and abundance.  As a result of taking care of family and friends, but ignoring my own needs, I was getting burned out and dragging myself through the day. I asked the 5 Element’s Three Kingdoms (Plant, Animal, Mineral) to help me make choices that would nourish and empower me.


Within days, a friend who had not really valued my friendship and support, said something so blunt and rude, that I was able to drop this relationship with no guilt whatsoever. I had been watching her struggle and gently (and freely!) advising her over the years to consider taking a more authentic marketing approach, to no avail. The exposure of this “minor energy drain” in my life was a good wake up call to start being more selective with my time and energy. Immediately, I understood the message of this “gift in disguise”.


Then, as the 5 Elements Wonderland continued its magic, something wonderful came to fill in the void that was created. One week after that space was decluttered…completely out of the blue, a well-known investment bank approached me about the possibility of my helping them market their products. Incredibly, I don’t advertise for clients, am very low key, and live very much under the radar, and suddenly, a “big fish” appears in my pond. I needed to let go of “disempowering fish” to catch “bigger fish”. Great Big Wow!


Thank you so much, Inna! Looking forward to swimming with even more amazing fish in the absolutely *MAGICAL* 5 Element Matrix of kingdoms and processes you have harnessed for us all! And I’ve only been doing this for two weeks!



Marie, Taiwan

Feel more content, satiated, and making wiser food choices

Since setting the intention and using the MP3 to assist me in a fasting process I found my thoughts have changed from being consumed with food most of the day and trying to fight against such thoughts. I am more content, satiated, and making wiser food choices. I can go for longer periods of time in my day with smaller amounts of food while still having good energy levels throughout my day.

I have been enjoying this process. At first it made me go into a trance, with more listening I loved plants such as a jasmine plant with its beautiful fragrance. In the mineral kingdom the greatest vision was a large silver metal pyramid type structure not sure if it was silver or platinum. The animal that keeps showing up is a jaguar as well as a black panther.

My intention was to receive help in fasting in a way to lower my blood sugar levels and assist with cell insulin resistance I have had many years now. I know I had fears around fasting but with listening I find that for quite a few hours I can be content with teas and such. In the past I found this to be too difficult. Thanks Inna

Margaret, Canada


Value – $197

Format: MP3


This high frequency process will help you to use the resources of the 5 elements life fields through your reincarnations. This will allow the higher frequencies of health, happiness and abundance to be shared through your past and future lifetimes, which will make it possible for you to enjoy this life in a more expansive way…

Perfect for clearing non-productive past lives energies and cross-lives positive energies sharing for your manifestations.


Major shifts for me and my daughter


I have being feeling much Lighter and happier and in peace in my day to day life ( I keep the Mp3 playing almost 24 hours ) . People responding positively to me has being even more enhanced now. This is something quite Major in my life to shift into, and I am very grateful because I feel supported now, and one of my major issues for most of my life has being feeling unsupported. I also found that experienced 2 different things in this week that would have really thrown me into LOW energy and brought up anger in me YET I remained neutral both times and there were no negative effects. This is also a huge step forward.

Most interesting to notice is that my 3 year old daughter Sofia, who you know is very much a part of these processes with me and has her own challenges (abandoned by her father and very introverted and fearful and insecure and low confidence) has just had such an amazing SHIFT into such positive new ways since being with this MP3!!  It’s being Wonderful to witness!


Laila, South Africa


Value – $197

Format: MP3


This high frequency process will help you release fear generated anger, frustration and grief patterns to the Elements of Nature through your lifetimes. It will all also establish a deeper connection and understanding of the Elements to empower you to co-create a better life for yourself.   

Workshop 1




Value – $297

Format: Webinar


“Natural Forces within us are the true healers of disease”. Hippocrates

Wave good-bye to days in which you don’t achieve anything, days that make you feel dull and bored with life.

One day can change your life. Let’s make it today.

This group healing and coaching workshop will teach you to live a daily cycle enjoying the high frequencies of physical, emotional and mental subfields of the 5 Elements.

This workshop will also teach you how to work with processes 1,2 and 3 from package A.

People who experienced this process are saying:

  • The muscles of my neck which were tight before relaxed, as if someone took off a steel collar
  • Felt a slight discomfort turning into complete comfort in the kidney area (I have only one kidney)
  • During the work with the emotional field, “the red balls of light” turned into golden, and complete calmness has set in
  • Tightness in the chest which I have had for days resolved
  • When we were working with the spleen, the energies were resolving in my lower part of the chin and on the left foot (I have a problem with the digestive energies and spleen-liver communicating)
  • Strong sensations in the spinal column and cardiovascular system. Also all of a sudden I realized the reason for my own immune system problems and then I felt the energies shifting and resolving there
  • During the emotional-mental field balancing I was observing changes in colors to iridescent and the whole energy filed was filled with the sparkles of light 


Workshop 2




Value – $297

Format: Webinar


“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”
Wayne Dyer


One week is a long time. Don’t pass it aimlessly, waiting for the next Friday night. Use this week cycle to increase your abundance and create more of what you dream about – experiences, a gourmet meal or so much healthy vigor that you’ll want to climb a mountain over the weekend.


The 5 Elements will help you create and sustain high frequency abundant energies throughout your week through smell and taste, seasons and climates subfields.


This workshop will help teach you to work with processes 4 and 5 from package A.

People who experienced these processes are sharing with us

  • Spring opened up my potential, the energies of which I started feeling in my body. It was a fascinating experience of feeling the energies of your own higher potential
  • I distinctly saw a cactus flower, which gave me the energies of the tropical zone it was growing, filling me with the energies of the Sun and endurance (I myself live in a temperate climate) and was happy to experience “sunny” energies, that I am lacking)
  • I felt the sadness of the fall in my energy systems. It was rebalancing until it felt right to connect to the fall and experience its magic
  • Initially winter felt cold and unpleasant, however during the balancing I felt warmth coming into me and my mind started bringing happier pictures of that season
  • Among the autumn energies, I discovered a period filled with my creative self-expression through poetry
  • Winter gave me the energies of accumulated knowledge and complete protection
  • While experiencing the summer energies I was plunging into the cool water, the energies of which I felt were normalizing my blood pressure 


Workshop 3




Value – $297

Format: Webinar


“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh


5 Elements will share how to create lucky energy infusions in each month of your life through the 3 Earth kingdoms: plant, animal and mineral.


This workshop will help teach you to work with process 6 from package A.


People who experienced these processes are sharing with us

  • I saw a red flower in a magic cedar forest. I felt it was pouring its love into me, and I had a feeling of coming back to my strength
  • A fox taught me not to be so open to the destructive energies
  • In the mineral kingdom I saw molten steel and felt the energies of being strong but flexible pouring into me
  • The animal kingdom gave me the energies of a lion and pterodactyl, all of a sudden, I felt the energies of strength and stamina flowing into me
  • In the mineral kingdom I got the energies of a big stone from the ice age, which filled me with confidence and a huge life force potential
  • In the animal kingdom I a saw a female tiger who taught me to go through life in the energy-saving mode. Normally, I make a lot of unnecessary movements, running around the city by nature of my job. All of a sudden, I could feel what it feels like to live in an energy-saving mode. I am going to live in this energy now
  • Immediately I had an image of sapphire which filled me with the energy of “coolness” and strength
  • My health is not that great, because my immune system is compromised after breast cancer. In the plant kingdom I saw a huge oak and experienced its strength and its potential of immense life force. I could feel it absorbing sunlight and generously sharing it with me
  • In the animal kingdom I saw the eyes of female deer, they were sharing love with me through their gentleness 


Workshop 4




Value – $297

Format: Webinar


“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” Brad Paisley


We will help you create 2018 the way you want to see it your dreams, filled with good health, happy days, lucky moments and abundance.


Year 2018 are bringing us beautiful new energies to experience. The 5 Elements channeled their intention to connect with people on deeper levels, bringing


  • More clarity
  • Happier manifestations
  • Wisdom revelations
  • Better understanding of life lessons
  • Healthier body
  • Sparkles of light and bravery to be
  • Leadership qualities
  • Patience
  • The wisdom of being
  • The co-creation in the Way (the Dao)
  • Ability to experience more on a deeper level
  • More possibilities to experience joy on the whole variety of new levels
  • Rediscovering the child love within yourself
  • Hope for the future of the Earth


Workshop 5


Value – $297

Format: Webinar


“Once you realize that the road is the goal, and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task, and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


5 Elements will lead you through a process of creating a life of your dreams, filled with good health, happy days, lucky moments and abundance.


This workshop will also teach you to work with process 7 from package A.


People who experienced these processes are sharing with us

  • Felt activation of energies in my whole body, as if I was being brushed with love of the 5 Elements of Nature
  • I could energetically see my previous lives in layers, I saw in which of them I have not resolved some issues. When I was observing the energies were becoming more harmonious
  • I had a feeling of energy channels and meridians being filled with more productive energies
  • I was observing the process from my emotional field, which was very vulnerable in me. I could feel stronger energies arriving and my energy field were shifting
  • I felt activations in my whole body as lights, vibrations and warmth
  • I had a feeling of Unity and Peace reuniting my energy fields into one
  • The whole process was filled with magic and love 

Group healing session




Value – $297

Format: remote healing

“In order to succeed, your desire to success should be greater than your fear of failure.” Albert Einstein


This is a group healing session to support your happy manifestations for prosperity for 2018.


Value – $100


“If you know what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.” Buddha


You will get a chance to discuss your progress and seek peer and teacher support through this closed Facebook group.


Value – $197

Format: MP3

“The motion of Yin and Yang generates all things in nature” Meh Juizhang and Guo Lei

Yin and Yang energies in nature, your body and life are moving in a cycle, flowing into each other. This process creates the smoothest and healthiest flow in your Yin/Yang energies through a variety of cycles.


All I can say is WOW! I feel so much more at peace and balanced in many ways!


All I can say is WOW!  I swear it’s different wording EVERY time I listen.  I’ve tried listening to it for myself, applying it to my surroundings and holding space for all creation and it’s amazing in each scenario I apply it.  I feel so much more at peace and balanced in many ways, and so many different things I see the patterns of, but don’t feel I have to engage unless I want to and often it comes from a very non-reactionary attitude, which is really wonderful.


I’ve enjoyed being part of this energy and having it support my own journey and applying it to so many aspects of reality.


The result was that I don’t seem to react so easily now overall, which means I’m not triggered so easily either!  I’m able to see why others react the way they do and gives me a bit of room for compassion and time to adjust and deal with things in a much more gentle, compassionate way and not takes things so personally.


Myrna, Canada

After the payment please, click on the program image, click on the message “start course”, and there will be a list of the modules with a brief description. After clicking on the individual module, there is the download link for the mp3

Section 1A wonder of creating the 5 Elements healthy organs flow
Section 2A wonder of 5 Elements body systems tuning
Section 3A wonder of watching the fireworks of life
Section 4A stroll through the 5 Elements magic smells and tastes wonderland
Section 5A magic flight through the climates and seasons wonderland
Section 6Manifesting in the wonderland of the 3 Earth kingdoms
Section 7Sharing in the 5 Elements past and future life fields wonderland
Section 8
Section 9Bonus: Release fears and empower yourself for deeper connection with the 5 Elements of nature
Section 10A list of instant teleseminar events
Section 11Bonus: Yin/Yang flow balancer