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8 items from Package A + 7 live group coaching and healing sessions


What is really different about package B to package A is the opportunity to grasp the depth of these healing processes and work regularly with a group of like minded people. This package includes seminars with Inna during which you will learn about the 5 Elements of Nature and receive powerful live group healings. After the completion of this Wishing Well course you will be able to continuously work on yourself and others as well as benefit from the support of the 5 Elements community.

8 MP3s from package A + 7 super powerful group healing and coaching sessions

This package is unique!  It teaches you how to get 5 Elements help for a whole variety of daily situations. This package is powerful! It uses the amplified energies of a group setting to achieve maximum healing results.

Total value $1592

1. Pain relief – MP3, 14 min, value $199

“The 5 Elements energy pain relief for acute and chronic pain”

Do you sometimes wish you could simply stop that gnawing pain? Alleviate your suffering from acute or chronic pain using the “5 Elements energy pain relief frequencies” created by the 5 Elements healing energies.

The Pain level went down immediately, energy is heightened. Amazing tool!

I’d like to share my sincere appreciation for the MP3 “Energy Pain Relief” with the 5 Elements Wishing Well.  I have been dealing with chronic shoulder and neck pain for quite some time.  It often hits a 10 on most days while I’m working on the computer.  The first couple of times I used it, it brought the pain level way down immediately – I’d say to a 3.  I then used it a couple of times a day as I felt discomfort beginning to rise up the pain scale, and it was Amazing – It never did!  The last 2-3 days, I’ve been playing it in the background while working on the computer, stopping briefly to close my eyes and allow the energy to flow.  My pain level has hovered at about a 1-2 for these last couple of days.  What a Relief!  

I also want to share that after listening to your meditation during the day, I find that my energy is heightened; and I’ve been able to focus and accomplish far more than usual.  I have listened a couple of times in the evening while preparing for sleep and found it quite relaxing and soothing.  Your voice is so nurturing, loving and healing.  

I shall continue utilizing this amazing tool as it is aiding me in balancing my energies – both physical and emotional.  I cannot thank you enough, Inna!

Much Appreciation, Love and Many Blessings to You. Namaste!

 Maureen, US


Grief released, felt happy for no reason, multiple other benefits

 The most important thing to mention is that when starting to listen to the mp3 I felt love. I felt several changes at the emotional field. I have felt a lot of grief about the death of my father. I started to feel somehow connected to my father and grandmother (who has also passed away) and released a lot of grief. I even felt happy for no reason.

 I feel much more loving and connected to my child and it seems that she is feeling this as well.

I would like to continue to listen to the mp3.

Kristiina, Estonia   



2. Heal your loved one- MP3, 19 min, value $199

“Radiate healing love to your child or a loved one”  

Do you wish to help your child, grandchild or a loved one when they are suffering from physical or emotional pain? All you need is to have your support energy resources activated through the 5 Elements of Nature. With this alignment you will be able to be the best support to your loved ones without stressing yourself out and draining your own energy.

What a treasure! I started feeling safe myself while working on the safety of my grandchildren

This is a lovely process. I am so happy to be part of it, as I would really love to help my grandchildren feeling safer in this world. During the process I could see pink and golden energies in the field. They started expanding to a huge sparkly energy sphere. At this point I realized that this is me, my love, which is showing to the world. My light was going everywhere, flowing to where there were blockages before, flowing to the field around me. At the end I felt lighter and brighter, I felt Unity with the whole world. Another benefit, I felt safe myself while working on the safety of my grandchildren. What a treasure this process is! 

Anastasia, Russia

3. Regulate your weight- MP3, 20 min, value $199

“Digestion power-up”

Do you wish to curb your cravings and boost up your own life force without any stressful diets? We can do it by rebalancing the 5 Elements taste and smell subfields in your body.

I’m reintegrating the parts of me that I had left out due to pain and misperception

As I float through the market, smell the different fruits, vegetables, the dried fruits, etc, I realize with awareness I’m reintegrating the parts of me that I had left out due to pain and
misperception. A sense of peace and harmony bathes over me as my body feels calm and secure. Feeling whole and more alive on grounding a greater expanded awareness of self. Interacting with people on a more impersonal level.

Also noticing that the awareness of self is more from a Soul perspective and feeling my body more from an energetic perspective.

I sense I’m still integrating and balancing this process! As I write, the words tingle in my body, probably my Soul validating my experience.
Love and Blessings Inna

Josiane, France

Sweet cravings subsided and energy levels increased through 5 Elements work

I did this meditation 5 times and have encouraging results.

My weight went down a pound, and I noticed that my energy level has increased, and that the sweet cravings were not as strong as they were before. Thank you, 5 Elements.

Suzi, US

My husband and I both achieved our goals: I gained weight and my husband maintained weight.

 used this mp3 to gain weight while my husband is to maintain his weight. I fall asleep every time I listened to it except when I have it on a loop in silence. I did gain 1.5 lb at the end of the 7 days, and that was my goal.

As for my husband, he wanted to maintain his weight and gained half lb. On the first 2 days, he was reminded of the food he enjoys when he listened to the mp3 and felt hungry for them often. However, from the 3rd day on, he stopped craving for those food and was surprised that he didn’t feel hungry like he normally wouldMy husband was having a cold while doing this meditation. However, he didn’t seem very sick, perhaps it’s because he was listening to the mp3, which probably helped him and alleviated the cold symptoms.

Thank you again for letting us test your program. It’s been so amazing every time!!

 Amy, US

4. Heal an issue quickly – MP3, 20 min, value $199

“Energy reservoir – instantly retrieve the right resources to heal a specific situation”

Would you like to get instantaneous help from the Universe if you experience an acute issue, such as sudden pain, an argument with your loved one, a stressful task at work, or a family problem? The energies of the 3 Earth kingdoms (plant, animal and mineral) are bringing their energy resources for “an immediate fix” to deal with your problem here and now!

I needed to let go of “disempowering fish” to catch “bigger fish”. Great Big Wow!

When I participated in Inna’s 5 Elements Rejuvenation Spa, within one month, my hair was noticeably more lustrous AND began returning back to its natural colour…among other things! Understandably, I jumped to try to release emotional blocks to healthy relationships and abundance.  As a result of taking care of family and friends, but ignoring my own needs, I was getting burned out and dragging myself through the day. I asked the 5 Element’s Three Kingdoms (Plant, Animal, Mineral) to help me make choices that would nourish and empower me.

 Within days, a friend who had not really valued my friendship and support, said something so blunt and rude, that I was able to drop this relationship with no guilt whatsoever. I had been watching her struggle and gently (and freely!) advising her over the years to consider taking a more authentic marketing approach, to no avail. The exposure of this “minor energy drain” in my life was a good wake up call to start being more selective with my time and energy. Immediately, I understood the message of this “gift in disguise”.

 Then, as the 5 Elements Wonderland continued its magic, something wonderful came to fill in the void that was created. One week after that space was decluttered…completely out of the blue, a well-known investment bank approached me about the possibility of my helping them market their products. Incredibly, I don’t advertise for clients, am very low key, and live very much under the radar, and suddenly, a “big fish” appears in my pond. I needed to let go of “disempowering fish” to catch “bigger fish”. Great Big Wow!

Thank you so much, Inna! Looking forward to swimming with even more amazing fish in the absolutely *MAGICAL* 5 Element Matrix of kingdoms and processes you have harnessed for us all! And I’ve only been doing this for two weeks!


Marie, Taiwan


Feel more content, satiated, and making wiser food choices

Since setting the intention and using the MP3 to assist me in a fasting process I found my thoughts have changed from being consumed with food most of the day and trying to fight against such thoughts. I am more content, satiated, and making wiser food choices. I can go for longer periods of time in my day with smaller amounts of food while still having good energy levels throughout my day.

I have been enjoying this process. At first it made me go into a trance, with more listening I loved plants such as a jasmine plant with its beautiful fragrance. In the mineral kingdom the greatest vision was a large silver metal pyramid type structure not sure if it was silver or platinum. The animal that keeps showing up is a jaguar as well as a black panther.

Margaret, Canada

5. Gain confidence- MP3, 15 min, value $199

“Self-power boost”

Would you wish you could handle a situation in your life being in your power, not in your weakness? This process is a 5 Elements high frequency alignment to fulfill your wish to step into your “power” and start living through your strengths.

From frustrated and stuck to far more optimistic and confident

Before listening to the meditation, I felt very frustrated and stuck, and very conscious that I need to reclaim my power but not sure how to do this, so this meditation was perfectly timed for me.

The meditation is beautiful. Very empowering, uplifting and motivating, reminding me of the miracle that I am and the endless possibilities that I can create. I am far more optimistic and confident that I can move forward now and take control of my life. My husband and I have bought into a business that will be the first stage of moving on and up and we are very excited about what this year now holds. I will continue to use the meditation to support me through all the change I am anticipating. Much love, Inna, and thanks.

Georgina, New Zealan

I am more of my own person

The audio started with attuning to different parts of the physical body. Then all the senses and feel the connection to others. The happiest moment, feel the energy of the magnificent place and so on. Most of the time, I just play it in the background and let the energy does it work. It is just that I am more of my own person. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

 Liew, Australia

I feel more centered 

I noticed the first couple of times doing the mediation visualizing my creative expression was a challenge in the time allowed and then it cleared.  I enjoyed sharing with others being included in the meditation.  Really liked the visual I got of the muscles and tissues all wrapped up in the skin and that with this body my soul can reach out and touch, smell and taste.  This gave me a renewed perspective on my body. I loved remembering my most happiest moments with the world around especially were with my animal friends. Overall, I feel more centered. Thank you very much, Inna.

Suzi, US

6. Communicate clearly – MP3, 15 min, value $199

“Tell your truth and have it heard”

Do you wish you could improve your communication with the family, in workplace situations and with the Universe? Let us support your communication skills by creating better communication within the 5 Elements in your body and in your life.

This works exactly with your intention. My difficult conversation went smoothly

This is such a short meditation but it does so much. I was supposed to have an important conversation the next day about a new apartment and was not sure how to approach it.  When I started listening I could feel how all my cells started opening up. The heaviness in the body was gone within a few seconds. I could see yellow-golden light around me, turning into the moonlight. In my inner vision I saw a spiral in the center of my chest. There was a sensation on the root of the tongue and in my esophagus, as if something was cleansing there. I could feel also the movement of the energy. The next day, the right words came up and my difficult conversation went so smoothly. I am so grateful, as this meditation works exactly with your intention.

Galina, Russia

From not being able to find the words to express myself to speaking with confidence and more clarity

Due to sugar/chocolate and other addiction over last 10 yrs my brain function became severely

compromised which also affected my communication skills.  Several times a day I was frustrated as the brain could not find words to express myself.  I started the program with intention to express more from my heart and with clarity.  

 2 days after starting visiting my sister she noticed how scattered I was in speaking.  I had a head injury while on holidays which again affected my thinking and talking. Determined I continued with program and returned to work.   

 I’ve avoided a lot of conversations with coworkers as they involved gossip, pessimism and nasty comments about others.  

 After a week of listening, I’ve found myself speaking up with confidence, much more clarity and sharing exactly where I’m at without struggling to express myself.  

Divine blessings Inna for your program and will definitely recommend it to others who struggle with communicating who they are.  

Tamara, Canada

7. Sleep support – MP3, 12 min, value $199

“Restore your cells overnight”

Do you wish you could enjoy a more restful and revitalizing sleep? if you have a problem with falling asleep or staying asleep and consequently do not feel rested enough, this alignment will help you restore the energy of each cell of your body through the 5 Elements of Nature Yin frequencies and enjoy your peaceful sleep.

Now that I sleep I can help take better care of my wife who has cancer

Since my wife was diagnosed with malignant carcinoma in my stomach, I could not sleep. Every night I was mortified, felt sick and emotionally drained. I was worried so much about my wife that I was just lying in bed the whole night, tossing, turning and not sleeping. At this point Inna offered her meditation and I started listening to it every night, sometimes on a loop. What a change! During listening to the meditation for the first time I fell asleep and woke up only in the morning. I couldn’t even understand what time it was. It was like an “emergency treatment” for me. My breathing changed to deeper, my emotional heaviness dissipated. I feel I can cope now and take better care of my wife. This work is so helpful! Thank you, Inna, so much.

Igor, Russia 

I slept so well, I let go of grief and was able to feel so much better about the world

After my father passed away, I was not able to sleep normally. My sleep was restless, it felt as if I did not have any long sleep cycles at all, only the short ones. I was surprised that after listening to this process once, I slept so well and with no interruptions for the whole night. I felt completely rested and so much better about the world. I could feel I finally let go of my grief. I am determined to continue listening to this process because it is so nice. I am so grateful, Inna.

Peter, Canada/gdlr_quote]

Wow! We all slept like babies and woke up rejuvenated!

When the weather and the atmospheric pressure is changing I can not sleep. In fact, my whole family couldn’t sleep well during these severe frosts in our country. I played this process for the whole family and wow! Such a huge change! We ALL slept like babies and woke up rejuvenated!

Natasha, Russia

Bonus: Rebalance your body systems- MP3, 21 min, value $199

“My precious body daily energy tune-up”

Do you wish to enjoy better health by giving body systems a daily energy tune up until they work like a clock? Allow the 5 Elements of Nature to restore healthy work of all your 11 body systems.

Massive shift, menopausal symptoms almost gone after less than 2 weeks

Thank you for the healthy organs MP3 which I have now played for around 2 weeks.  On first listen I could feel how powerful it was:  My crown chakra has been activated every time I have listened to it and sensations in this area continued during the 25 minutes of my listening.  Also as you moved through the organs on the MP3 I could feel sensations in my body in those same areas and it felt as if the chakras that relate to the different organs were being worked on.   From these sensations I knew this was powerful healing.  What has been best of all is that as I have played the MP3 on loop as I have been going about my day and my menopausal hot flushes have reduced to just a slight sensation of overheating.   This is so wonderful and a massive shift from where I was before I started listening to the MP3.  This is all from less than 2 weeks of listening to the MP3. 

Thank you & much love,

Davinder, UK

Feel happy and light as my expectations for general alignment were completely met

My intention was to align my systems for general well-being.

hen I started listening to the meditation, immediately I felt an energy flow through my whole body. Then the energy went into my thymus, and there was a sensation of tingling there. Both sides of my body were balancing and the organs as well. My main focus was on the digesting system, and I felt a lot of clearing there, I could almost see and feel energetically “heavy stones” releasing from my digestion. While listening to the cardiovascular system balancing I felt my blood vessels were clearing and the whole body and my head plunged into some comfortable state of being. All along I felt all layers lifting and newer energies arriving. In the end I saw myself in a state of a joyful child, filled with lightness and freedom.

I feel so light and happy as my expectations from this meditation for general alignment were completely met.

Galina, Russia

Better digestion and more energy for living

Every time I used the body systems tuning I felt warmth all through me.  I totally relaxed.  I have noticed better digestion and I have more energy for living.

Thank you very much for creating this process.

 Jeanne, US

Item 1. Live group coaching and healing session

40 min (includes Q&A), value $299

“The 5 Elements energy pain relief” for acute and chronic pain

  • We will teach you how to use the energies of the 5 Elements of nature to release quickly your own physical or emotional pain or help your loved one
  • Healing of one of the areas of your concern

Item 2. Live group coaching and healing session

40 min (includes Q&A), value $299

“Radiate healing love to your child or a loved one”

  • We will teach you how to help your child or a loved when they are suffering from physical or emotional pain
  • Group healing of you, your children and your loved ones

Item 3. Live group coaching and healing session

40 min (includes 15 Q&A), value $299

“Digestion power-up”

  • We will teach you how to rebalance your digestion on daily bases until you achieve the results you desire, e.g. weigh loss or gain, health, increased energy levels, etc.
  • Group healing in order to rebalance your weight and improve your digestion

Item 4. Live group coaching and healing session

40 min (includes Q&A), value $299

“Energy reservoir – instantly retrieve the right resources to heal a specific situation”

  • We will teach you how to use the resources of the 5 Elements life fields in order to get extra help in resolving any issue you wish
  • Group healing in order to “fix your issue right now”

Item 5. Live group coaching and healing session

40 min (includes Q&A), value $299

“Self-power boost”

  • We will teach you how to use the higher frequency energies to live your life from your strengths, now your weakness
  • Group empowering healing

Item 6. Live group coaching and healing session

40 min (includes Q&A), value $299

“Tell your truth and have it heard”

  • We will teach you how to use the balanced energies of the 5 Elements of Nature to improve your communication skills
  • Group healing to support your highest self-expression

Item 7. Live group coaching and healing session

40 min (includes Q&A), value $299

“Restore your cells overnight”

  • We will teach you how to use the Yin frequencies of the Universe in order to create peaceful sleep and rejuvenate your cells while you are asleep
  • Group healing session for rebalancing the Yin energies of the body

What people say about Inna’s work:

Thank you so much it was an amazing call, yesterday I was still having the signs of flu and during the call I was holding the intention of healing, today I am doing great and no symptoms! Yaaay, you are amazing, Inna.

Rabab Q.

Before the webinar I had a headache and high blood pressure 146/85. Already in the beginning I felt the expansion of the field. Then in the middle of the energy field a bright light, like the sun started shining and spreading all over. I had a feeling of the connection of my soul to this field. This field started seeping something dark from me, transforming it. In the middle of the seminar my headache was completely gone. When I measured my blood pressure, it went down to 12/67. I felt great! It is such a wonderful class!

 Ann, UK

Dear Inna, thank you so much for these wonderful teachings. The earth call was truly beautiful. I love the powerful simplicity of your communication of such a complex system and the power of the healing energy that you so generously share with us. Thank you.

Desley, Australia

Dear Inna, after the 1 to 1 session with you I could breathe as never before, releasing allergies and asthma of DNA and other incarnations. Your Metal meditation and healing has an amazing effect.

Isis, Portugal 

Pinched Shoulder is doing much better! I am now committed to work more extensively with the meditations. And the live calls! Lots of gems in each call!

Deb, US

Thank you Inna for the personal session with you last night and your wonderful insights. Such a wonderful soul connection, feeling, seeing the dance of the 5 elements playing ; re balancing, re creation taking place consciously. It feels like the cream or icing on a cake. A sense of being in peace and in freedom with thyself. Much love to you.

Josiane, France

Wow !!! today’s call was off the charts for me !!! Vibrating with joy at the high energies in the group. Boy, that was a mega cleansing and recalibration !!! Thank you Inna and to the group. You are all so powerful !!! Love & gratitude.This has been an amazing course!

Barbara, Canada

I feel in such joy and resonance with the 5 elements of nature now that I’m better able to handle life’s hickups and go with the flow.  I don’t seem to get so challenged or upset as I used to, and I’m enjoying it! 

Myrna, Canada

I am on cloud nine, feeling energy flow through me, and I feel so much lighter, joyful and my monkey brain has settled down. I am just in awe how my body and I responded to the elements healing. Light and much love to you! I look forward to learning more from you!

Laurie, US

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Section 1Package B group calls
Section 2The 5 Elements energy pain relief for acute and chronic pain
Section 3Radiate healing love to your child or a loved one
Section 4Digestion power-up
Section 5Energy reservoir – instantly retrieve the right resources to heal a specific situation
Section 6Self-power boost
Section 7Tell your truth and have it heard
Section 8Restore your cells overnight
Section 9My precious body daily energy tune-up