21 Mar 2017

Manifesting the most compatible Soul Mate through the prayer to the Earth Element


We all wish to be happy in our life on this Earth. The biggest part of what makes us happy is a life partner, a soul mate. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, for example, go out, date new people, go to the singles’ parties, it is not happening.  You start blaming dating websites, ourselves and unfortunate circumstances.

However, in reality, it is not happening because your subconscious mind is locked in old energy patterns. These patterns allow you to attract only a particular kind of a people that do not interest you at all. And sometimes manifesting is not happening because subconsciously you are too scared of a new relationship. As soon as you identify and transform these energy patterns, you start attracting different circumstances which bring a different kind of people into your life.

When I manifested my one and only soul mate, I used the energies of a prayer to attract the most compatible person to me… It worked and I have been happy ever since.

Today I am ready to share. We will use the higher vibrational energies of the Earth Element to help you attract the best person into your life. This prayer will help you release blocks from your past relationships or the ones locked in your DNA from the previous lifetimes, rebalance your energies and create a new beautiful potential in the energy field of the Earth for the most compatible partner for you.

Moreover, we are going to charge your own amulet or a token with the balanced energies of the Earth, which will help you hold high vibrations for your soul mate manifestation.

If you are interested in making your life even more fulfilled increasing your chances to meet the one and only person of your dreams, check our new meditation “Manifesting the most compatible Soul Mate through the prayer to the Earth Element”.

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