26 Sep 2018

Nurturing your Digestive and Colon Health

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We know that the Universe works in cycles. The seasonal changes in nature and in our body’s responses reflect these cycles. In Chinese medicine the summer time is connected to the cycle of the Fire element activity. It is followed by the Earth element, which is the transition between late summer and early fall.

The summer cycle is when the “spark” of Creative Fire connects with the Earth matter. Then the fast growth of multiple forms on the earth happens: plants, trees, animals, birds, etc. Early fall is the time to collect the harvest. It means that the Earth is ready to give back its nurturing love to you in order to support you in your life cycle.

In early fall we prepare for the winter: collect, process and store food. Quality food, gifted by our loving Earth gives us the best life energy for the winter. With gratitude we receive what we have planted, as our bodies have a natural instinct to assist to our best “vital energy for life” production. Fruit, vegetables, grains, animals, minerals and so on are offering their best chi in the fall so that our bodies could produce the best chi for the next season.

What do we do to be ready to receive it with gratitude and grace for the best of our bodies and our life? We prepare our systems for the most efficient collection, processing those energies and elimination of the waste. There systems are our Stomach, Spleen and Colon. The Stomach’s energies process the food when we eat or drink. The Spleen’s energies turn the material fermented by the Stomach into “vital energy for life” and sends it to the whole body. The Colon’s role is to eliminate the unnecessary by-products. Clearly all three systems need to be in good health in order for our bodies to obtain maximum benefit from nature’s bounty.

To prepare your 3 vital mechanisms (Stomach, Spleen, Colon) energetically for collecting and storing the best “vital energy for life”, as well as for eliminating unnecessary by-products, please, follow the advice of the 5 Elements of Nature Consciousness:

  • Use organic “high energy” products for your food
  • Send gratitude to the Earth and to what you eat at meal times
  • Come up with “energy power words” to describe your perception of what you eat and say them while you eat, e.g. “fresh sweet carrots to nurture my stomach”, “cool dewy cabbage to cleanse my colon”, “my strength building potatoes”, etc.
  • Cleanse your colon for efficient elimination (as there are several ways to do that, intuitively choose the method which appeals to your most)
  • Allow your colon to release negative patterns as by-products of your emotional life. These might include failures, losses, sadness, grief, pain, the feeling of unworthiness, etc.
  • Hold your hands over your navel and think good about yourself, find time during the day to tell yourself how much you respect and love yourself for what you are
  • Think about giving and receiving patterns in your life and remind your mind that it is your time to receive with gratitude from the Universe
  • Tell your Heart that you are ready to receive the energies of Divine Love coming from the Universe
  • Meditate daily for a few minutes and stay in a balanced state of calm and peace for the best digestion

In our next program you will find a few processes connected to the digestive health. The program will be published on our website www.5elementsrejuvenation.com in Packages – 5 Elements Treasure Chest – “5 Elements Optimal Digestion Support Routine”.


Enjoy your healthy digestion!

Love to all,

Inna Van Der Velden    www.5elementsrejuvenation.com