21 Sep 2017

Pamper with a Purpose!

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Regular Spa versus Inna’s Multidimensional Energy Beauty Spa

Regular Spa Multidimensional Energy Beauty Spa
You feel good physically and emotionally


You heal your body and your emotions
The work is done only on your body You heal your body, emotions, negative thought-forms and life situations


It takes time to heal Healing might happen instantaneously


It takes time and effort to book an appointment and also to travel to a spa


You enjoy your healing experience at your time in a comfort of your home
It might be challenging to find a specialist who understands you completely and will give the best treatment for you It is the activation of the inbuilt memory of your cells that will set your whole body on its way for achieving Harmony and Beauty in accordance with the Divine Plan


You enjoy an experience on the superficial level You enjoy deep healing ad rejuvenating


Your treatment works on your body with the energy brought forward by a therapist Works on your body, emotions, mental and spiritual bodies, and on your life issues with the energies of a multidimensional field of the Universal Love


  Unlocks your beautiful energies from your past lives


  Raises your frequencies this life


You look better You look and feel your very best self. And it lasts!

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