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Do you ever feel like your life “turned out not like you wanted it”?

Do you have any acute or chronic pain that makes you want to cry?

Do you find that you sometimes resent even the people that you love most, like your children or parents?

Do you ever secretly hate yourself because you think that you are stupid, ugly or aging?

Do you ever feel that you are falling behind at work because technology is too much to handle?

Do you wish that you could learn something new faster, like a new language or skill?

Do you want to make yourself stop procrastinating and move on with your special project?

Do you feel like you lost track in life or you never even found one?


As we all now know life “turning out” is simply a myth. You are the Creator of your own life. Let me help you get to a point when your creations can become reality.

What are the benefits of Miracle of Deep Healing and Rejuvenating through the Five Elements Energies?


your ancestral blocks will be relieved and undesirable situations will stop repeating themselves in your life today


your health and emotions perfectly in harmony with the energy of the Five Elements


you are witnessing your creations come to life because you have learned to manifest and create your reality




Once you have made an appointment and decide that you need to change it, feel free to do so with the following constraints:

– Up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment is ideal, as the time slot then becomes available for someone else

– Up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment is permitted

– Within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment is not permitted, or you will be charged for it

No shows

When you have made an appointment with Inna, it is your responsibility to make contact with 5 Elements Rejuvenation via the means which have been provided to you; either a telephone number or a Skype id. Please note that you need to get in touch (if by skype) 5 min in advance. If you do not show up for your appointment within 10 minutes, your appointment will lapse and you will be considered to have missed it. If at a subsequent time you wish to rebook that appointment, you will need to pay for a new one. After the session your Skype id will be deleted.


I cannot confirm or deny diagnosis, nor am I offering treatment specifics.  I cannot make recommendations about treatments other than what common sense might suggest.  5 Elements Rejuvenation session does not replace medical treatments, therapy or medications, but may supplement them.  5elementsrejuvenation is not constructed as practicing medicine, curing conditions. The information on this site or during a healing session is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please see a medical professional if you need help with depression, illness, or have any concerns whatsoever.

WE cannot promise specific results and/or claim to perform cures.  However, if healing occurs, accept it graciously!

At 64 I feel like I am 25, high blood pressure normalized

A year ago I got a few healings from Inna and also took a course in the “5 Elements Rejuvenation System©”. The most amazing transformation for me is that nowadays I feel like a 25- 30 year old, and I am already 64. My high blood pressure (200/107) normalized and I feel young and happy. When I look in the mirror can’t believe at the transformation. There is life in my eyes and there is healthy glow on my skin, even the colour of my skin changed. I also feel that my muscles are becoming more toned.

When I work at balancing my family, they can’t believe that it is possible to heal without medication. Recently I healed the ear inflammation (acute otitis) my granddaughter was suffering from. It took me 15 minutes and the next day she felt fine! I also helped my other granddaughter to succeed during the school exams. She testified that immediately after balancing she felt smarter and more successful, as if something that was blocking her abilities to learn and succeed has lifted. She also started feeling more positive towards learning! She couldn’t believe that she did so well at the exams. To me, it is amazing! I feel that I am the Creator, I feel elated and grateful to Inna. She is a wonderful teacher and a powerful healer!

~ Galina, Russia


Did you know that the 5 Elements Rejuvenation system© underpins the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is used as the primary medicine in China and some other countries?

The Five elements of Nature (Water, Wood/Air, Fire, Earth and Metal) are huge life forces from which everything on the earth including ourselves is created. There is 70 % of Water within us, while Wood/Air provides the movement of energy, food, blood, and lymph in our bodies. Fire is responsible for keeping the optimal temperature for digestion and life (36.6 degrees), and Earth and Metal create the best biological balance of proteins, amino-acids and minerals in order to sustain life.

Yin (cooling, contracting, female) and Yang (warming, expanding, male) energies within each element always strive for balance according to the beautiful plan of Creation. When we are in harmony within ourselves and with the world around us, we feel healthy, peaceful and happy.


Miracle of Deep Healing and Rejuvenating through 5 Elements Energies. Package A

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Miracle of Deep Healing and Rejuvenating through 5 Elements Energies. Package B.

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