5 Elements Wishing well

Bring your wishes to the 5 Elements Wishing Well and get first class help to make them come true

Presented by 5 Elements Rejuvenation© system

WISHING WELL DAILY SUPER TREASURES“A wishing well is a folklore term to describe wells where it was thought that any spoken wish would be granted. This idea came from the notion that if you make an offering of a coin to the God of Water, your intention will be heard and your wish will come true”

The 5 Elements wishing well is an energy gift of the 5 Elements of Nature which has resources of the Universe that any spoken wish would be granted by the Gods of the 5 Elements.

“If I could bring wishes to the Universe to improve the quality of my life, I would wish for a healthier body, I would wish for the health and happiness of my children and grandchildren, I would wish I could support my body in making better food choices for me, I would wish I could communicate clearer, in a more positive way at home and at work, and I wish I could stay in my power at all times, and sometimes I wish I could have a “quick fix” when I am suffering from an acute physical or emotional pain…

This program is all about making wishes through the Field of Love of the 5 Elements of Nature and getting them manifested every single day to make your life healthier, happier and more abundant…

Are you ready to bring your intention and get your wishes fulfilled with the help of the energies of the 5 magnificent building blocks of the Universe?”


  • Do you wish to enjoy a completely healthy body no matter how old you are?
  • Do you wish you could have an energy tool to help your child who is in physical or emotional pain?
  • Do you sometimes wish you could have made a better choice based on your strength, not on your weakness?
  • Do you wish you could stop cravings and improve your digestion?
  • Do you sometimes wish you could have communicated your truth to a loved one in a better way?
  • Do you occasionally wish you need a “quick fix” to deal with a stressful situation here and now?
  • Do you sometimes wish you could stop that acute migraine instantaneously?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the 5 Elements of Nature are here to help you and bring answers to your wishes through the energies of the “5 Elements Wishing Well”. 

The 5 Elements of Nature will tune up your body for your wish manifestation, will collect the extra energy resources and will connect you to the source of the 5 Elements Divine energy to manifest the way the Universe understands… It is like cleaning your home and preparing before a lavish party…



Because our packages are part of our intellectual property, they are not returnable or refundable once you have downloaded them.
Please, note that regardless of whether you listen to a live or a recorded workshop, the frequencies are the same and work in the same way. If you missed a live workshop and still have questions, you can ask them through our Facebook closed group.

People who use the 5 Elements Rejuvenation© system in their everyday life share their results with us:

What a miracle! After one 10 min remote session my leukocytes went up from 2,9 to 5,6

 I have an advanced stage of stomach cancer. I was supposed to get my chemo therapy treatment, however, it was cancelled because the blood test showed that my leukocytes’ count was 2,9. The lowest range when you can have a treatment is 3,5. If it is lower, the treatment can kill you. I was desperate when I called Inna because I need to start chemotherapy before it is too late. Inna gave me a 10 min session. During the treatment I could feel discomfort in my stomach as if something was vigorously balancing. After the treatment discomfort disappeared completely.  The next day I went to take a blood test again. And what a miracle! My leukocytes went up from 2,9 to 5,6. I have hope again. I am sending my deep gratitude to Inna and her wonderful system.”


~ Irina K., Russia

This work saved me and my house from flooding

“We were having a tropical wave with nonstop rain in North Naples for three days. I live on a small lake and the water was rising to within inches of my lanai, which is an open sided patio covered with a net. It was obvious that if the rain continued for even a few more hours my home was in serious danger of being flooded.

It’s suddenly occurred to me that I should be working with the Water Element energetically and maybe Wind to move it to bring only blessings and no harm and nothing more than a light gentle rain here, to move on and out to sea. Inna joined me in prayer and in this miraculous work, and it really saved me from flooding last night when my lake was almost up to my door. It really was a miracle when heavy bands of rain moved to just above North Naples, and there was almost not a drop here over my house and the lake waters went way down. Anytime I heard a heavy rain I prayed and worked with the water element again, and within minutes it would stop.  I think this work really saved me & my house from flooding last night. 

With blessings & gratitude to all.”

~ Evelyn, Florida

My hearing improved drastically after 1 session

I am 42 and I have a benign tumor in the left side of my head, which reduced my sense of hearing. While listening to the process, I felt the energy in each system mentioned. Also, I had a lot of nature visions, like beautiful autumn trees with red and orange foliage. It allowed joy to enter my organs and body systems. Then I imagined winter with the smells of pines and visions or tall fir trees, also its deep connection with my soul. While “walking” through spring I had a vision of an apple orchid, the feeling of spring energies and freedom. In the summer alignment I completely connected to the field flowers with increasing aroma perception and stepping into the summer bliss. I felt as if I was ready to fly… All these energies went through my heart, opening me up to even more joy…

During my smells and tastes alignment I felt pungent taste on my lips.

I also had very vivid visions during my alignment in the 3 kingdoms. In the plant kingdom I felt the earthy and strong taste of fir juices penetrating each cell of my body. I the animal kingdom I felt connection with the field mouse and a hair at the same time. Their energies were supplementing my hearing. In the mineral kingdom I merged with the energies of a diamond and received its qualities of being strong in my decisions, and also being the “master of my own destiny”.

As a result, my hearing improved drastically the next day. So grateful to the 5 Elements work!

Irina, Russia