5 Elements Wonderland

Dear Guest,
Collect the wonders of the 5 elements to make every cycle in your life vibrate at the highest frequencies for health, happiness and abundance!

During our lives, we live through numerous cycles, big or small. A cycle can be as basic as cooking and eating a meal, or as complicated as progressing through your whole life. Every job interview, every relationship, every friendship and every project in your life and every day, month and year is a cycle.

In this program, we will teach you to align the subfields of the 5 Elements to create these cycles. You will learn to live through them, carrying higher vibrations in a happy and healthy way. As a result, you will live your life in your very own wonderland filled with a job you love, abundance, beautiful relationships, a gorgeous home to live in and fun places to experience and discover for yourself!

As we walk together through the 5 Elements Wonderland, we will begin to experiment with winning the small cycles and progress to the most important and fundamental cycle – your life.

A small cycle could be finally succeeding at something you have wanted for ages – have you planned to lose weight countless times and never have been able to? Have you tried pushing yourself to get a new job, but have failed to click ‘send’ on that resume? Have you been unable to turn around to your partner and say ‘darling, actually this is the kind of thing that is really important to me’? Those are all the small challenges we’ll work through together.
The big ones are, well, really big… Like looking at your entire lifecycle and finally finding your very own meaning. Just imagine waking up every moment and simply knowing that what you do today and every day henceforth has profound meaning.
So, with a spring in your step, please join me for a life changing walk in the 5 Elements Wonderland!

Sleigh bells ring, are you listenin’
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight
Walking in your highest wonderland…

Dr. Inna Van Der Velden



Because our packages are part of our intellectual property, they are not returnable or refundable once you have downloaded them.
Please, note that regardless of whether you listen to a live or a recorded workshop, the frequencies are the same and work in the same way. If you missed a live workshop and still have questions, you can ask them through our Facebook closed group.

People who use the 5 Elements Rejuvenation System in their everyday life share their results with us:

This work saved me and my house from flooding

“We were having a tropical wave with nonstop rain in North Naples for three days. I live on a small lake and the water was rising to within inches of my lanai, which is an open sided patio covered with a net. It was obvious that if the rain continued for even a few more hours my home was in serious danger of being flooded.

It’s suddenly occurred to me that I should be working with the Water Element energetically and maybe Wind to move it to bring only blessings and no harm and nothing more than a light gentle rain here, to move on and out to sea. Inna joined me in prayer and in this miraculous work, and it really saved me from flooding last night when my lake was almost up to my door. It really was a miracle when heavy bands of rain moved to just above North Naples, and there was almost not a drop here over my house and the lake waters went way down. Anytime I heard a heavy rain I prayed and worked with the water element again, and within minutes it would stop.  I think this work really saved me & my house from flooding last night. 

With blessings & gratitude to all.”

~ Evelyn, Florida



My digestion pains have decreased 90%! My kidneys, bladder feel 80% stronger!

With the Body Systems Tuning activation mp3 after one session I felt a deep sense of balance, peace, renewal, relaxation, calm: a warm soothing sensation of being in my body more vitally alive!

I found the nervous system, digestion, bladder, and lymphatic activations especially powerful with the attuned higher frequencies, than the final adjustments of these higher frequencies to all the body was strengthening to the balanced overall effect–creating a focused momentum for me to meet the world with more equanimity and joy! Yahoo! My digestion pains have decreased 90%! My kidneys, bladder feel 80% stronger!

Rebalancing of the 5 Elements Life Fields mp3 I discovered an immediate safe way to lift any sadness or depression from my weary heart. Also, has helped me over time to eliminate my need for outside validation creating a safe place to dwell in.

Overall, I have a better sense of my self: more confidence, relief of anxiety, dread, and other negative emotions. Having a clearer, more profound ongoing sense of purpose and well being.


I sleep deeply, wake up more grounded, playful (giggles) and rested!  Self discovery has become a Joy! Wow!

I’ve used these mp3s daily for four weeks, and will continue as I feel guided. 

Deep gratitude Inna for your wonderful healing gifts!

My light has increased with laughter and much joy,

Blessings to all,


~ Judy, US

The frequencies for this unique program were channeled by the loving consciousness of the 5 Elements of Nature.  

Please step into the 5 Elements Wonderland with the 5 Elements Masters to discover:

  • How to use wonderful energy resources of the 5 Elements subfields available on this Earth for your healings and manifestations
  • How to create happy, healthy and abundant daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and life cycles
  • How to heal your own health and emotional issues and be able to help someone you love without leaving your home
  • How to co-create in the Wonderland of the 5 Elements

Bring your diseases to be healed,

relationships to be restored,

money problems to be fixed

and enjoy a magic trip to the 5 Elements Wonderland with the 5 Elements Masters and Dr. Inna Van Der Velden for a life changing experience of using the nature resources in a completely different way…

Introductory offer!

Package A – 8 items

$117 USD

93% discount

Regular price – $1,576
  • 7 high frequency energy alignments
  • a bonus

Package B – 16 items

$187 USD

95% discount

Regular price – $3,260 US
  • 8 items from package A
  • 5 healing and coaching workshops
  • group healing
  • Facebook support group
  • a bonus

Package C – 1 item

$199 USD

55% discount

Regular price – $300 US
Only 15 sessions available!
  • 1 personal 30 min session
  • Alignments and manifesting for 2018


5 Elements Alignments within a variety of your energy subfields to connect you to health, happiness and abundance through the 5 Elements Wonderland.

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Package B – Co-creating small and big cycles in your life with the 5 Elements for health, happiness and abundance.

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