5 Elements Rejuvenation System©

The “5 Elements Rejuvenation System”© is truly a holistic approach to the rejuvenation of everything about you.
“5 Elements Rejuvenation System”© is a methodology developed by Inna Van Der Velden after having studied and practiced acupuncture as well as a variety of different healing methods.
The system is based on the work with the energies of the five natural forces (Water, Wood/Air, Fire, Earth, Metal), which govern your body, and balance the Yin and Yang within each element with the power of your intention. As a result of this work, your energy field receives a powerful energy cleansing and rebalancing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, as well as every day wellbeing. The positive changes that occur within your field lead to better health, emotional stability, improving your whole life and your attitudes towards it.
“5 Elements Rejuvenation System”© is described in the book “The Miracle of Five Elements Rejuvenation”, which will is available in the Russian language.

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The method itself is taught internationally by Inna Van Der Velden and her team.To find out more about the courses use the button below.

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