A Visit to the Multi-Dimensional Beauty Spa

Dear Guest,
Welcome to the Multidimensional Beauty Spa!

You are about to experience a spa visit like no other. You will luxuriate in rainbow frequencies, play with the mermaids, meet the pixies and have every treatment you ever dreamed of, but could never splash out on.

The Multidimensional Beauty Spa is a treatment centre that spans the world – its pools are the consciousness of hot springs and turquoise ocean waters, its hammam and sauna rooms are jewel-filled caves, its polite and caring therapists are beautiful elemental spirits: mermaids, pixies and, of course, the expansive omnipresent 5 elements of nature: Water, Wood, Earth, Fire and Metal.

This spa was built for you by Dr. Inna Van Der Velden, as she channeled by the 5 Elements to create a unique, powerful healing sanctuary that can be visited from every corner of our planet, by anyone.

Please bring your worries, your illnesses, your wrinkles, your aches and pains and your suffering to be transformed. Every treatment on offer was designed with your highest and best at heart, helping your body, your mind and your spirit to heal.

Also come to your spa day with your aspirations, your beauty desires and your life goals to be fulfilled. As you pass from one treatment experience to the next, you will learn more about how every part of your body mirrors what is inside you AND WHAT YOU ARE IN A BIGGER PICTURE and how easy it is to positively impact the future that you will embark on.




Once you have made an appointment and decide that you need to change it, feel free to do so with the following constraints:

– Up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment is ideal, as the time slot then becomes available for someone else

– Up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment is permitted

– Within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment is not permitted, or you will be charged for it

No shows

When you have made an appointment with Inna, it is your responsibility to make contact with 5 Elements Rejuvenation via the means which have been provided to you; either a telephone number or a Skype id. Please note that you need to get in touch (if by skype) 5 min in advance. If you do not show up for your appointment within 10 minutes, your appointment will lapse and you will be considered to have missed it. If at a subsequent time you wish to rebook that appointment, you will need to pay for a new one. After the session your Skype id will be deleted.


I cannot confirm or deny diagnosis, nor am I offering treatment specifics.  I cannot make recommendations about treatments other than what common sense might suggest.  5 Elements Rejuvenation session does not replace medical treatments, therapy or medications, but may supplement them.  5elementsrejuvenation is not constructed as practicing medicine, curing conditions. The information on this site or during a healing session is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please see a medical professional if you need help with depression, illness, or have any concerns whatsoever.

WE cannot promise specific results and/or claim to perform cures.  However, if healing occurs, accept it graciously!

During the meditation on “Restoring your Healthy Hair in the Cave of Beauty” every time I had strong sensations on my scalp: tingling, a flow of energy in follicles, a general feeling in my hair like when I was 20, strength and vitality. These sensations were still holding during the whole day. I feel improvements in my hair structure, it became stronger and more resilient, as if it got the minerals for its normal growth. It looks rejuvenated and hydrated.

~ Galina, Russia


After the meditation I always had a feeling of being filled with rejuvenating energies not only in my face but everywhere, in the whole body.

The biggest changes are the feeling of freshness and a youthful look and my skin become smooth and glowing. I am over 60, and previously I did not even feel like looking at myself in the mirror in the morning. After I started doing this process, I noticed that when I see myself in the mirror in the morning, the skin looks pink and fresh, as if I am a teenager. My jaw areas, the corners of my eyes and the eyelids have lifted too.

I was totally taken by surprise when my neighbours started complimenting me on how youthful I look. They asked me which facial product I was using. And it is a daily rainbow frequencies facial! It is for everyone! Thank you, Inna for bringing it to people…


~ Galina, Russia

The most noticeable signs of aging are:

  • Your face has lost its vitality, suppleness and glow
  • Your hair lost its luster, started falling out or lost its thickness and/or volume
  • Your nails have become brittle and break easily
  • Your fingers started deforming, and the skin of your hands looks “worn out”
  • Your teeth are not as strong as before and/or you have problems with your gums
  • Your skin has become dull, sagging, too oily or too dry, has rashes, darker spots or other imperfections, and there are more wrinkles
  • You are losing your eyesight
  • You hearing is deteriorating
  • Your muscles are not as strong and toned as earlier
  • Your joints have lost their flexibility
  • Your bones have become more brittle
  • You find it hard to relax or have problems with sleep
  • You experience heaviness in your whole body, muscle tension, shoulder, neck or back pain
  • You have breathing issues (shallow breathing, asthma, or you get sick easily)
  • You feel that there is no happiness in your eyes and in your life

How will Inna help you look and feel better?

  • I will treat you to a spa-like experience, activating the transformational healing energies in your DNA for:
    • Facial rejuvenation
    • Neck, shoulders, arms, legs and back muscles relaxation
    • Joint flexibility
    • Bone strength
    • Hearing and eyesight improvement
    • Skin, hair, hands and nails vital health restoration
    • Teeth and gums health support
    • Purifying and nourishing skin by dynamic breathing patterns
  • I will teach you to perform a unique facial energy massage using the healing properties of the 5 elements of nature (Water, Wind, Fire, Earth and Metal)
  • I will teach you how to energetically support revitalizing energies in your teeth and gums, hands and nails
  • I will teach you how to take the best care of your muscles and joints energetically
  • I will teach you how to detoxify your whole body and your skin by dynamic breathing
  • I will energetically adjust the energies of your whole body to your own highest frequencies and start you on your “healing action plan” towards your own karma-free DNA


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