7 Oct 2017

Talking down a hurricane – just ask it nicely

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How do we perceive nature in our lives? If you ask me, I would say: it is breathtakingly beautiful, but so powerful it can be scary. Just think of the awe that overtakes you when you spot a rainbow, look at a gushing waterfall or crane your neck to take in a snow topped mountain. However, each element can become scary if it jeopardizes our living space or even our lives. Just ask the brave men and women who fight forest fires, rebuild cities after hurricanes, or prepare for major floods. First responders will unanimously tell us that nature is a force to be reckoned with.

During and after major natural disasters, there are a lot of energies of fear, trauma, pain, grief, sadness and anger attached, while the untamed power of the elements is being manifested in our lives. For example, during hurricane Irma raging in the Caribbean a month ago, the local authorities of the Keys in South Florida warned gun holders not to shoot at the hurricane. Meanwhile, some people were crowding at the beaches of Miami, shouting at the level 5 hurricane approaching…

People behave like this out of fear. Is this the best we can do? Can we talk to the Gods of Nature and work together towards harmony of Human and Elements expression? How can we expand our consciousness so that it will be leading to harmony of nature expression on this earth? The 5 Elements Rejuvenation programs are helping us to understand our connection to the elements better as well as their presence and expression in our bodies and our lives. Step by step we are progressing towards unity and creating harmony, learning how to create safety.

One of our students had a personal experience of working with the Water Element, when her home was in danger of flooding. She is sharing her experiences with us today…

“We were having a tropical wave with nonstop rain in North Naples for three days. I live on a small lake and the water was rising to within inches of my lanai, which is an open sided patio covered with a net. It was obvious that if the rain continued for even a few more hours my home was in serious danger of being flooded.

It’s suddenly occurred to me that I should be working with the Water Element energetically and maybe Wind to move it to bring only blessings and no harm and nothing more than a light gentle rain here, to move on and out to sea. Inna joined me in prayer and in this miraculous work, and it really saved me from flooding last night when my lake was almost up to my door. It really was a miracle when heavy bands of rain moved to just above North Naples, and there was almost not a drop here over my house and the lake waters went way down. Anytime I heard a heavy rain I prayed and worked with the water element again, and within minutes it would stop.  I think this work really saved me & my house from flooding last night. 

With blessings & gratitude to all.  

Evelyn, Florida”


Our programs teach you to allow the concept of harmony not fear in our minds in order to work together with the elements consciousness to create desirable outcomes.


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