At 64 I feel like I am 25, high blood pressure normalized

before-afterA year ago I got a few healings from Inna and also took a course in the “5 Elements Rejuvenation System©”. The most amazing transformation for me is that nowadays I feel like a 25- 30 year old, and I am already 64. My high blood pressure (200/107) normalized and I feel young and happy. When I look in the mirror can’t believe at the transformation. There is life in my eyes and there is healthy glow on my skin, even the colour of my skin changed. I also feel that my muscles are becoming more toned.  

When I work at balancing my family, they can’t believe that it is possible to heal without medication. Recently I healed the ear inflammation (acute otitis) my granddaughter was suffering from. It took me 15 minutes and the next day she felt fine! I also helped my other granddaughter to succeed during the school exams. She testified that immediately after balancing she felt smarter and more successful, as if something that was blocking her abilities to learn and succeed has lifted. She also started feeling more positive towards learning! She couldn’t believe that she did so well at the exams. To me, it is amazing! I feel that I am the Creator, I feel elated and grateful to Inna. She is a wonderful teacher and a powerful healer!

     G. G., healer, intuitive, Russia

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