4 May 2017

Why the Five Elements of Nature heal people: physically, emotionally and spiritually

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Through thousands of years of human evolution, people got accustomed to believe that Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth are elements of nature that make up the outside world. A few spiritual workers, like the shamans, called upon those forces (carried their frequencies) while invoking rain, burning healing flames or chanting over cleansing waters. Most other people think of the elements only in relationship to their applicable usage in life: “what to wear in this weather” or “how, where and when to plant a specific crop”. Though there is definitely use for this literal approach, let’s explore how it can be taken further and propelled into the modern time of fast consciousness development.

The key to advancement is to start recognising your multidimensionality and re-discover your REAL connection to nature. Go beyond viewing yourself as a material body, led through life by a logical and intuitive brain, and feel into that “something” that is happening in your heart. Recognize that your Spirit (Creator) is firmly behind your own existence and has meticulously planned to allow your soul to go through its experiences on Earth in a human body for a purpose.

This Spirit, which resides in every human body, is made up of the 5 Elements of Nature and cycles together with a person: day by day, year by year, and life by life, experiencing its experiences, expanding its knowledge, and getting its wisdom.

We are not only made up of the 5 Elements internally (in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies) but are also surrounded, supported and merged with nature in its the outside expression, on this Earth. The 5 Elements in nature and in people are always striving for the Spirit’s (God’s) balance. They support and nourish one another, but also they control one another, so that neither of them would become overpowering. This is the Universal Law, which manifests everywhere.

So what are the 5 Elements of Nature: separate substances or part of us, or both? Is it possible to use their energies to help us, heal us and rebalance our emotions and eliminate our diseases? What secrets and miracles each of the 5 elements carries in its energies?

Try these meditations to re-discover your connection to the 5 elements and observe their miraculous effects on:

  • Your body and emotions
  • Your relationships
  • Your finances
  • Your new-found optimist and boundless energy

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