Unique System

based on the best practices of Chinese medicine, psychology and energy healing


Water regulates all the metabolic processes and supports life through the vital life force of your ancestors and energies you create through breathing, eating and social contact.


Wood (Air) brings movement to all the energies inside the body and ensures its best functioning in the outside environment, helps cleansing the body from toxins and regulates blood.


Fire regulates the optimal temperature for survival, supports the energies of the heart.


Earth ensures balance between the inside and the outside environment of the body, regulating life force through digestion.


Metal ensures the optimal balance of minerals in the body, regulates breathing and helps eliminate waste.

Achieve rejuvenation on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels

By learning how to balance the energies of each element within yourself you will be able to support the best possible balance in your body regarding physical health, emotions and beliefs.

You will be able to rebalance yourself, creating a healthy body, positive emotions, positive thinking and luck in your life.


 Heal Your Sacred Earth
for Ultimate Health Transformation

We have been living in an unstable world for a while. For many of us, our health has been affected by the pandemic and/or the related stress. The weakest organs were the first affected. A lot of people have reported that old health problems, which they had almost forgotten about started coming back. At the same time new issues appeared out of nowhere.

It happened because the strength of our bodies and its immunity, depend on the health of our Sacred Earth!

Our Sacred Earth is the reflection of the organs’ energies in our abdomen, the center of our body, which is our connection to both our past and future, to our planet Earth and the Universal field of Love.

Inna Van Der Velden

Inna Van Der Velden is a teacher, an acupuncturist, a specialist in Chinese medicine, a healer, and a writer.

Her vast studies and the experience of living in six countries (Russia, Canada, United States, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, and Bulgaria) have shaped her unique vision of life on Earth.

The nature of her work as a healer allowed her to connect to people from forty-six different countries and hear their stories. Inna, together with the Five Elements of Nature, has helped people heal their hearts, worn-out bodies, and crumpled emotions.